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This blog has always been about design.  So, today I salute the women who have faced cancer head-on and re-designed their life with a 2nd Act.

Last Sunday eight incredible local women told their inspirational stories at the Tucson presentation of A 2nd Act-Survivorship Takes the Stage.    Many of the attendees came to support the women telling their stories on stage.  Some came because they had a personal experience with cancer. And others, like myself, came to be inspired by the courage, strength, and wisdom of these survivors.

The organization, A 2nd Act, was founded by Judy Pearson, a writer, researcher, and cancer survivor.  In doing research she found women survivors across the country were taking their lives back by doing amazing things in their “2nd Acts”. She created to give these women a platform to tell their stories.

Listening to their stories makes one realize cancer never ends.  With the first diagnosis, the treatment, the recovery and the moving on, it is something that never goes away.  The diagnosis is truly the beginning of the 2nd act of their lives. Everyone’s “Act Two” if different.  All the stories varied.  Some included working with Greyhound Rescue, writing a book A Woman Under Construction, cancer education with “Be the Match”, and  a Gypsy blogger to name just a few.

Here is a quote from the book A 2nd Act-Cancer Survivors Changing the Question:

“In the shadows of the Santa Catalina mountains, these women trudged through the darkest hours of cancer.  But the disease did not defeat them.  Rather it touched their lives in ways they never might have imagined, giving them a new appreciation for every sunrise, making them stronger and more dedicated in their 2nd Acts.”a2ndact_-book_judy_pearson

To purchase the book or make a donate to go to this link.

In whatever life challenge you may face, remember you can be strong and design your 2nd act.

Strength and peace to all!


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