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Mary Sherwood

Mary Sherwood ASID
Interior Designer
NCIDQ Certified

Many different roads have led me to this creative place.  As a child I would collect my mother’s McCall’s and Good Housekeeping magazines and create collages of room designs in a scrap book.  As a teen I was constantly re-arranging my bedroom and changing the color of the walls every few years.  My mother would say, “Your room doesn’t need painting”.  That was never a deterrent.  I would use my meager babysitting money to buy the paint and embark on a new room design on a very limited budget.

I received my early education in a private parochial school that encouraged women to become teachers or nurses.  I was not aware of all the other possibilities.  After experiencing my father’s death during my first year of college I felt nursing must be my career calling.  With a BS and MSN in nursing under my belt I tried to change the health care world.  Needless to say I became frustrated very quickly with the structure of the “system”.  I returned to school to dabble in design and fell in love with the creative process that had always been hidden inside me.  I pursued further education, became certified and joined ASID.

For almost thirty years I have been combining the problem solving skills learned in nursing with the creative freedom of design.  After all these years I can’t imagine doing anything else. With my passion for design I have been helping my clients create their own personal lifestyle in their homes and businesses.



Paul Sherwood

Paul Sherwood
Business Manager

I grew up the eldest of 11 children in upstate New York (farm country).  As a boy I spent my time hiking the woods and playing in the farmyards. After a few years in college I enlisted in the Navy (avoiding being sent to Vietnam as a ground trooper).  The Navy allowed me to see much of the western Pacific and spend several tours of duty in Japan.

Life after the Navy led me into the health care field where I became a hospital administrator.  After 35+ years in health care, I had enough and joined my wife in her interior design business in 2006.  As a color-blind male in a “female” office environment I felt like a “duck out of water”.  With some adjustment I found my place in the firm.  I now manage the business and oversee project installation.

As Mary and I embark on our new lifestyle I will be exploring the mountains and valleys of the beautiful Southwest by motorcycle every chance I get.  You are welcome to join me on any ride!

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