Ah, Birthdays!


This week has been a whirlwind starting with the arrival of our son, Jake and his wife, Elif last Thursday to help celebrate both Paul and my birthdays.  We were so pleased to have them visit our new home in Tucson.  So much to do and so little time.  We packed a week’s worth of activities in four days.

Some of the highlights were Jake and Paul’s motorcycle riding through the endless canyons and winding roads. Elif and I did a little shopping, a little relaxing by the pool and a whole lot of cooking.  The favorite cooking endeavor was the making of the “Peed” (my family name) birthday cake by special request from Paul (not a Peed).  🙂  It was created by my mom for many a birthday.  It is quite simple but oh so yummy. Basically it is a two layer yellow cake. (I use Duncan Hines).  The filling in the center is sautéed bananas with butter, vanilla and a little powdered sugar.  The cake is frosted with a dark chocolate butter frosting much like the recipe on the cocoa box.  I add extra cocoa for a dark, very rich frosting.  The combination of the flavors are truly the “icing” on the cake. There was not a worry about having too much “Peed” cake.  When the kids pulled out Paul had one tiny slice left to savor until the next time to celebrate.  Elif, you have now been passed the torch for carrying on the “Peed” birthday cake tradition since you made the delicious banana filling!  (Sorry I forgot to take a picture…too busy licking our fingers of chocolate frosting!)

With all this the blog took a back seat.  But thanks to our good friends, Andy and Lori Weber, I now have a beautiful Happy Birthday plate for the next “Peed” cake.IMG_6102

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday greetings, cards and Facebook posts!  It has been a magnificent celebration of our life, our family and our friendships!

Love you all!



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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks, Kay! We had a great birthday week!

  2. Kay says:

    Happy belated birthday, Mary! The cake sounds delicious.

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