Asian Inspired Design Trends in 2014


At the 2014 Spring High Point Furniture Market, we saw many trends popping up and learned of others that should be emerging over the next few years.  A main theme we certainly saw a lot of was the influence of traditional Asian concepts in contemporary design.  Here is just a glimpse at ways to incorporate some Asian influence into your decor.

Asian fabrics collage high point spring 2014

Asian influenced fabrics were seen all over market. Although they definitely show Chinese or Japanese motifs, they can also be sprinkled into transitional designs to add conversational interest and even whimsy.

Last week, Dixie posted about many sweeping trends we heard about while at market. Here’s the link if you’d like to see the article.  Some concepts that she discussed that can be used with the Asian trend are: Scale, Luster, and even blended with Neutrals.  

Asian designed rooms and accents high point spring 2014

Here are some room arrangements showing transitional furniture with Asian influenced accents. Also shown is how to incorporate this theme with other trends like deep blue walls, lustrous finishes, and large scale focal points.


How could you bring in some the Orient into your design?  A dragon fabric?  A lustrous lamp?  Traditional calligraphy?   There are many ways to have fun with this formal design trend.  So much fun that you may bring it into other areas of your life.

 “Domo Arigato!” (“Thank You Very Much” in Japanese)



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