Learn How to Build a Pallet Succulent Garden

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Pallet Garden class at Green Things in Tucson.  The plants and the staff are amazing.  The class had its challenging moments.  Picking from all their beautiful plants was the hardest part.  So here is what you need: A pallet-salvaged or constructed.  For this class we used a […]

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Gadgets that Help You Make Beautiful Summer Salads

How do beautiful salads and Paul’s new iphone relate? Here’s the answer. Recently Paul became an iphone convert.   His droid was due to be replaced so he made the switch.  So far no regrets (thank goodness).  So, because both of our phone contacts had expired, I also got a new iphone 5e. Well, what […]

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Exploring Santa Monica

Paul and I just returned from five days in Santa Monica visiting Jake and Elif taking in all the beautiful weather and surroundings. Our first outing is always a walk through the neighborhood to brush off the road weariness.  The streets are lined with a mix of old and new homes.  I always enjoy the small […]

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Art Glass Passion

I am in love with all forms of art glass.  If there was anyway I could afford it I would collect Chihuly Glass.  Short of that I have gathered an assortment of small to large glass art for my own home.  Many of you may recall some of these pieces if you toured our Lake […]

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Gems, Beads and Rocks -Oh My!

Once a year over 55,000 people descend on Tucson, AZ. for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  I have been to many trade shows but none that is so vast in size and depth in the very small category of gems and minerals.  Because it was my first time and I was doing very limited purchasing […]

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Party Food Etiquette

As you were growing up your parents taught you to be polite and courteous.  Those same rules today can be applied to planning a party menu for those with food allergies or food preferences. Last weekend we hosted our first party in our new home.  It was great to share our new place with neighbors and […]

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Spring Cleaning – Pollen on Outdoor Cushions

Spring has officially sprung!  Here on Lake Gaston, it looks like Mother Nature’s highlighter exploded!  Pollen shows that everything is coming back to life, but how can you enjoy life on the lake when all your outdoor furniture is coated with a yellow haze of pollen?!  Here are some cleaning tips that will help cut […]

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Terrific Tulips: See how to arrange!

All of you probably know how crazy I am about tulips.  I dutifully order in the fall, pre-chill in our extra refrigerator until late December or early January and plant on the first “not too cold” day.  Tulips need several months planted in cold, dark soil. Because of our unpredictable winters, pre-chilling helps to give […]

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Designing in Tucson

Hello loyal MSLL Design Wednesday Wisdom followers!  I am writing this from super sunny Tucson, AZ.  Sorry to gloat but I am glad we are here instead of frigid NC. I was not sure this was the place for me until this trip.  I am loving the climate and getting excited about our future relocation. […]

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Is Your Green Thumb Itching?

Spring has sprung.  Is your green thumb itching?  If so, container gardening is an ideal solution if you’re limited on ground to till.  It allows an easy and portable way to brighten up your porch, patio, or deck with minimal prep and maintenance. Our new Amazing Plant Stands offers a new spin on an old […]

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NOW is the time to give Spring a push!

By this time each year we are tired of the all the uncertain weather, one day cold and wet, the next day sunny and warm.  But Spring is not quite here.  Give it a push by taking a stroll through your garden and find some flowering shrubs or trees that have buds that are starting […]

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Swing into Summer…

Just imagine. It’s a quiet, lazy afternoon at Lake Gaston. You are worn out from a busy work week and it’s time to relax. Grab your book and head to the porch or covered deck, climb into your porch swing bed and your week’s demands just fade away. Get the picture? Remembering my grandmother’s front […]

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Does Pot Man need clothes???

As we collect all our parts for the “build your own” mini pot man party I have been contemplating  whether  to “dress” my pot man with some type of attire.  Perhaps he needs some color with painted stripes or a collage of glued on fabric scraps. What do you think? Join us Saturday March 24 […]

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The Orchid Trail

As most of my readers know I have a love for all things with flowers…growing them, decorating with them and enjoying them! But I became a real fan of orchids about ten years ago when I was given my first orchid plant by my very good friend and neighbor, Nancy.  The first time it re-bloomed […]

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