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The Royal Wedding and the Sherwood Family!

Well, here I am in New Jersey getting my elder son married off. It hadn’t occurred to me that it’s happening the same weekend as the Royal Wedding across the pond.  The ladies are all a-twitter about both weddings… and I’m wondering how much more of this I can take! Mary and I are staying […]

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Paul and Mary off to sunny Cali!

Just wanted to say,”Hi”.  I haven’t had much to say lately…been too busy…my wife’s been working me too hard!!  Now, Mary and I are getting ready for a Christmas trip to the west coast to visit with our two sons and their significant others.  Mary’s gotten us great travel arrangements:  direct flights both east and […]

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Paul strikes again…

The Fall is a very busy season for all of us.  There are lots of festivals, football games, tailgating parties and community events.  As we are in the countdown days of the local Fall for the Arts event my wonderful husband, Paul, strikes again but not in a way you may imagine. Read here for […]

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The Best Part of a Holiday Weekend at Lake Gaston

We just finished a great weekend with our kids – well, our son and his wife.  We were sorry our older son, Aaron could not join us. Many years ago (36 now) I had the extreme good fortune to marry an amazing woman.  Today, I can express great pleasure at seeing that my younger son, […]

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Zucchini Bread Gone Awry!!!

This is a red letter event!  You are not going to believe the picture.  Mary (our beloved) decided she was making zucchini bread – after she was too tired to try. Now, do any of you know about zucchini bread?  The list of ingredients is a mile long! So Mary decides, after having dinner with […]

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When the cats are away the mice will play…

Another market has come and gone.  This time Mary and Autumn went off to Atlanta with yet another “shopper” person.  Lyndsay and I stayed home to tend the store. Now Lyndsay is a summer staff member.  She does a good job but… She and I kept everything together for the full 3 business days the […]

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The Secret Unwrapped at Lake Gaston

The time has come for me to speak out!  I have been taking more heat than is fair over gift wrapping!!!! Now, as you all know, we offer complimentary gift wrap at our store.   Normally, Mary or Autumn handles all of the wrapping (and I will admit they have raised gift-wrapping to an art form) […]

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Wine, Relationships and Your Terroir…Do you get the Connection?

Today’s thoughts are all about wine.  Recently, we did a food/wine pairing at David’s – a local eatery in Roanoke Rapids.  Almost 50 of you kind souls turned out.  We had a wonderful time.  Of course – the excellent wine from Rosemont Winery in LaCrosse paired with the superb product of David’s kitchen did nothing […]

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Women’s English vs. Men’s English

The other day I ran across something funny entitled “Women’s English vs. Men’s English”.  Taken from  the website these “definitions” resonated with me. Guys, we’ve all been trained in the following – usually painfully… When a woman says: Yes She really means: No When a woman says: Maybe She really means: No When a […]

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Home from Cali – A Successful Working Vacation!

Last time we left you with a question – should a husband and wife who work together undertake a working vacation together. The answer is “Yes!” I am happy to report that we did quite well together. All of that leads me to think about all the wine labels we sampled and all the decisions […]

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Peace and Harmony in Wine Country

I’ve talked a lot about transitioning into this business and the related challenges, but there is another side…the fun of being involved in a productive endeavor with my wife and partner. You have read about my color blindness and should infer some challenges marketing to women. Someone said “No I haven’t heard about your colorblindness… so […]

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Now, whoda thunk I needed to figure out how to deal with women!!!  Really!  My first job in a hospital was in 1962 – continuously employed in one from 1970 through 2005 – working full time in a world populated primarily by women – so how come this new job at MSLL was so difficult?? […]

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Kicking and Screaming

So, after 26 years of working as an administrator in a hospital, I lost my job. 🙁 But, that’s not where the story starts.  Actually, I guess, it starts back in 1962 when a fellow saw this young high-schooler (eldest of 11) working at a school fair and offered him a job in his restaurant. […]

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