Women’s English vs. Men’s English

The other day I ran across something funny entitled “Women’s English vs. Men’s English”.  Taken from  the website these “definitions” resonated with me. Guys, we’ve all been trained in the following – usually painfully… When a woman says: Yes She really means: No When a woman says: Maybe She really means: No When a […]

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Home from Cali – A Successful Working Vacation!

Last time we left you with a question – should a husband and wife who work together undertake a working vacation together. The answer is “Yes!” I am happy to report that we did quite well together. All of that leads me to think about all the wine labels we sampled and all the decisions […]

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These Condos are for the Birds!

Paul and I decided to take a ride one Sunday to explore a new winery in south-central Virginia.  For those of you who know my husband, stopping anywhere except the winery was probably not going to happen!  On our way we passed an antique place with a row of about 50 birdhouses adjacent to the […]

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