Budget Friendly Updates For Your Kitchen


Do you have a dream kitchen, and I mean dream, as in you’re still dreaming?  I know I do.  It’s a hazard of working in this field.  I have my kitchen planned out to the tiniest detail, but my current budget is not so dreamy.  But there’s hope!  You can make small modifications that add up to big style to the kitchen you have.  This helps keep you feeling positive, at least until you finally achieve your goal.

Organize your kitchen

1) Re-organize and Clean – I know this seems like a minor detail, but it’s amazingly refreshing to have everything in it’s place.

Our very talented Chef Yvonne just posted on her blog some tips to organize your kitchen by zones and how often you use the items.  Check it out here:  http://yvonnecooks.com/organizing-your-kitchen/

Kitchen Organization Tools

2) Storage solutions – As an extension of the first suggestion, adding storage solutions can make a huge difference for how you use the space.  There are many options that can be fitted into your existing cabinets.  Watch the video here to really drool over some of the storage solutions out there: http://marysherwoodlifestyles.com/kitchen-organization-tools/

3) Update Hardware – Swapping out your hardware can make a big difference.  And if you go with the same size, you won’t have to do any drilling.  Or, if you currently have all knobs, you can change to long pulls on all your doors just by drilling one more hole.  This requires a steady hand and precise measurements, but can be done on any budget.

Painted accents in Kitchen


4) Paint – A little paint goes a long way.  Yes, you can paint all the walls and cabinets, but you’d be surprised how a small change can add some pizzazz.  Try just painting the island.  Or pick a few select cabinets to feature and paint them.  You could also take the doors off a few and just paint the inside for display space.






Update Kitchen Back Splash

5) Back Splash – Tile is available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and prices.  If you don’t have a full back splash and want it done for even less, you could also use this opportunity to paint something really creative.  Just make sure you use a semi-gloss paint – it will hold up well to cooking messes and clean-up.  You could paint a pattern or an overall texture.




Colorful Accent Lighting in the Kitchen

6) Lighting – Adding lighting always makes a huge impact, especially by making your work spaces more visible and functional.  You can also simply swap out the accent lighting for something more eye-catching.




7) Window Treatments – Brighten up your source of natural light with a new window treatment.  You can add softness with a fabric treatment.  A small valence can do just the trick and takes very little fabric, so very budget friendly.  If you need to control the sun, a shading product of some kind would do the trick.  Or you could do both and hide the shade when it’s rolled up.

Accessorize your Kitchen with Color

8) Accessories – Like jewelry putting the finishing touches on your favorite outfit, try new accessories in your kitchen.  If you have a neutral kitchen, experiment with a new color in your accents.  A little flair goes a long way.


I’m planning to use some of these suggestions in my own kitchen.  Stay posted for Part II of Budget Friendly Updates for Your Kitchen when I share what I come up with.



Need more ideas to update your kitchen?  We’d love to help – give us the challenge!


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