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Women’s English vs. Men’s English

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The other day I ran across something funny entitled “Women’s English vs. Men’s English”.  Taken from  the website these “definitions” resonated with me.
Guys, we’ve all been trained in the following – usually painfully…

When a woman says: Yes She really means: No
When a woman says: Maybe She really means: No
When a woman says: We need She really means: I want
When a woman says: I’m sorry She really means: You’ll be sorry
When a woman says: We need to talk She really means: You’re in trouble
When a woman says: Sure, go ahead She really means: You better not
When a woman says: Do what you want She really means: You’ll pay for this later
When a woman says: I am not upset She really means: Of course I’m upset, you moron!
When a woman says: You’re very attentive tonight She really means: Is sex all you ever think about?

What’s really entertaining and challenging about the above alternative language is knowing when it applies and when it does not.  You see, God wasn’t content with just giving us a whole other language to contend with, He also fixed it so the alternative language only applies – sometimes.  And, just to add that little special zing – there isn’t any system of use.   None of us males will ever figure out just exactly when the alternative language goes into use (hence the pain mentioned above).

Having been married for over 30 years, I am hopeful, nonetheless, that I have internalized these definitions.   You can imagine my angst when Mary became very supportive of my efforts to sell wine.

So, here I am planning a trip to visit a winery to discuss a working relationship.  For both parties there are risks and rewards.  He wants the widest distribution possible for his product.  I want a product I can successfully market, sell and place re-orders.

Last week, when I announced plans for the trip I hear, “Oh!  You are?”  (Uh oh!)  Immediately, I go to the calendar to see if there is something on my schedule I should have remembered (nothing there); look through project notes to see if I should be handling something (no).

I went to the winery today and we reached a semblance of agreement.  Our conversation eventually focused on what kind of contract we should put together.   My host said he liked doing things with a handshake as an alternative to a written contract.  And he wanted to know how I felt.

So our questions for today are:  Is this alternative suitable in today’s environment?  Do any of you have an experience you will share about gentlemens’ agreements?  Do they work?  How effective are they?  What are the failures out there?  Should I depend on this fellow’s handshake as a basis for getting in to business?

Let me hear your thoughts.  Next we’ll talk about what I should do.

Paul… signing off from beautiful Lake Gaston.

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Visited San Antonio Winery, est 1917, in the heart of Los Angeles

Last time we left you with a question – should a husband and wife who work together undertake a working vacation together. The answer is “Yes!” I am happy to report that we did quite well together. All of that leads me to think about all the wine labels we sampled and all the decisions that could be considered in trying to expand the company’s portfolio of wines.

I’ve done a lot of thinking and reading about wine lately. As you may know, there is a virtually unlimited supply of comments about the nose, palate, finish, points, flavors, etc. ad nauseum available out here. Almost no one reads wine blogs. So what am I to do? I’d very much like to blog about wine. Recently I visited a wine site dedicated to drinking wine – as opposed to all the blather most of us don’t understand.
Last night we had dinner with Nancy and Jack (and Nancy’s mother, Margaret). Of course, I brought a wine we had picked up out west. Also, since Nancy is my main taste tester, I took a wine accessory – the new Vinturi – a device to “open” the wine you are pouring.
So what does “open” mean? Part of the tradition of wine is to decant the bottle before pouring it into wine glasses so that it has a chance to breathe…this to improve its flavor. When a bottle is first uncorked, wine tends not to have it’s full flavor, know as being “closed”. Decanting allows the oxygen to begin to interact with the wine – a little of which is good (and a lot of which is bad). The Vinturi effectively exposes the wine to oxygen. Both Nancy and I were impressed with the impact.
Here is the link:
Buy it through Amazon, the best deal I could find.
The device seems to work quite well with reds as a wine decanter. There seems to be a different wine accessory developed to do the same job on whites, I haven’t tried it yet. Will let you know when I do.
Would you like to continue hearing more about wine? Do you have some interesting knowledge or information about wine you would like to share? I would love to hear your comments. We’ll try to keep this wine discussion interesting and pitched at a level we can all enjoy.
Although I had a great time in CA, it is definitely good to be home at Lake Gaston!

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These Condos are for the Birds!

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Paul and I decided to take a ride one Sunday to explore a new winery in south-central Virginia.  For those of you who know my husband, stopping anywhere except the winery was probably not going to happen!  On our way we passed an antique place with a row of about 50 birdhouses adjacent to the rural road. Of course I remarked immediately and couldn’t believe, out in the middle of nowhere, there was such a find.  Proceeding on to our destination, after a few missed turns, we arrived at Moliver Winery.  The owner, Marshall Moliver, greeted us and gave us a wonderful tour of his facility and a fabulous wine tasting.  Trust me; I am beginning to see the benefits of Paul’s new wine venture!

We spent far longer at the winery than anticipated.  Leaving late in the afternoon I didn’t even think about stopping to look at the birdhouses.  To my surprise Paul turned into the driveway to check out the birdhouse place.  I was immediately on the hunt!

Not only did this antique and salvage yard have birdhouses but old vintage signs, games, bottles, and folk art furniture packed into four buildings and displayed throughout the grounds.  The vast array of “stuff” was interspersed amongst the chicken/rooster coops.  What an experience just to wander through this place.

The birdhouses were fascinating.  All, one of a kind, hand built by the owner and his brothers from salvaged house and furniture parts. Many birds have been known to nest in the houses on the grounds.  Noah’s Ark is one of the most popular styles.

noah's art, birdhouse, salvage


Talk about fabulous bird condos!  The birdhouse, if used outside, will continue to weather.  If used indoors, they should be positioned out of the reach of children because of parts with old paint.  Either way they will make quite a statement!  I have a small birdhouse village in my garden.  I have visions of expanding my birdhouse community!  Come see the vast array of these birdhouses in our showroom.  It will be hard to decide which house to add to your garden.

What do you think?  Do your birds need a summer vacation rental???  Looking forward to your comments!

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