Countertop Installation…So exciting!


This is another “exciting” chapter in the Chalk Creek project.  By the time this project is finished I could probably write a book.

Today was countertop delivery day!!!!! 🙂  For a remodeling project with lots of variables it sometime seems like forever to get to installation day.  If I feel that way imagine how the client feels.  Seriously, this project started with the purchase of the house in April and should be completed by October.  Six months is not bad for the scope of the renovation.

A few week ago we talked about the space planning and expansion.  Here is the blog on How to Stretch a House.  This blog explains more about the background of the project.

For clarity here are the cabinet finish samples.  Lighting at the site was not very good. CABINET_FINISHES_SHROCK


Soooo…here are the new countertops!

Let’s start with the master bath.bath_cabinetry_chocolatebrown_napolina_limestone_rectangular_sink

As I said light was almost non-existing so here is the best I could do.  The base cabinets are a rich dark chocolate brown, Forest Floor.  The countertop is Napolina Limestone.bath_countertop_napolina_limestone_translucentHere is what sold us on this stone.  The “mosaic” type deposits (as shown in the lower left) are semi-transparent.  The countertop will be backlit with LED lights to show off the beautiful characteristics of this stone.  This will be amazing!  Look forward to seeing the finish lighting.

I think I mentioned the custom glass art knobs I created for this space.  They are ready to be installed. 🙂bath_cabinetry_chocolatebrown_artglass_knob_dicjoric_accent

Next up is the dining room buffet.diningroom_buffet_basecabinet_vetrazzo_palladium_grey

Only the base cabinets for the dining room have been installed.  The finished in Oasis, a subtle aqua teal.  There are hutch cabinets to go on top of the countertops that will complete this serving/storage piece.countertop_vetrazzo_palladium_grey_recucled_glass_concrete

The countertop is Vetrazzo Palladium Grey, re-cycled glass and concrete.  I love the various colors of glass in this slab especially the light aqua/teal that picks up the cabinet finish.

Now for the piece de resistancethe kitchen countertop.countertop_island_tempest_quartzite_movement_amber_teal_black

Here are the kitchen island cabinets finished in Maritime, a deep smokey blue.  The island is topped by Tempest Quartzite.  Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock that is harder than granite and withstands heat very well.  Quartzite is not the same as a Quartz composite slab such as Cambria or Silestone.   Quartzite often has lots of “visual” movement (the waves of colors/patterns across the stone) and color variations.countertop_slab_tempest_quartzite_blue_grey_Black_teal

Here is a close up of this unique quartzite stone called Tempest.

The perimeter cabinets have a very subtle beige quartz top so as not to distract from the visual impact of the island.

What recurrent color do you see throughout the different cabinet/countertop finishes?

Tell me what you think.  What is your favorite?

Happy countertop dreaming!


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  1. Mary says:

    Nancy, I am one up on you with colors😄, haha! Not revealing the common thread of color until others reply. I just want to keep you guessing!

  2. Nancy says:

    You know you have me on the colors. I was going to say the “turquoise”, then changed to a brown. OK, what’s the answer.
    It is all gorgeous! The lights thru the countertop will be amazing.

  3. Mary says:

    This quartzite is just your style! Great hearing from you!

  4. Mary says:

    Thanks,PP. Come join me in some AZ fun. Love ya!

  5. Patsy says:

    Wow, just WOW !! Looking forward to seeing the finished project. And the pulls are great. Love that you have added this to your fused glass repertoire. It has not taken you long to find your Arizona nitsch !! You go, girl …

  6. Kathy Casey says:

    LOVE the tempest quartzite!

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