Dining Alfresco – August is National Picnic Month


August is just a few days away, so make the most of it and take it outside! Here on beautiful Lake Gaston, we have the perfect back-drop for a picnic.  So enjoy National Picnic Month in style!

Earlier this year, we discovered a fun website that lists holidays for everyday. It’s been nice to stop for a second and pause in reflection of some of these specials days.  Other days, however, have been really creative and quirky – like “Something on a Stick Day” on March 28th (I celebrated with corn-dogs for dinner and pop cycles for dessert!).  Here’s the link to the site I use: holidayinsights.com

picnic on the boatWith August just a few days away, I was searching to see what we have to look forward to.  There are many special days, like “Sister’s Day” (1st Sunday of August, Aug. 3rd 2014), “National S’mores Day” (Aug. 10th – YUM!), “Relaxation Day” (Aug. 15th – Always important), and “National Dog Day” (Aug. 26th).  But August is also National Picnic Month – so celebrate all month-long by dining more casually and enjoying the scenery.


Picnic on the move – One of the most fun things about living on the lake is the opportunity to dine on the boat.  Pack your basket and head to the water!  Just don’t ride the waves too fast while your guests are trying to eat and drink.

picnic hat


Be aware of the sun and heat – Try to pick a shady spot to settle and wear sunglasses and sun screen.  Invite friends to bring large brim hats – fun way to beat the heat!  I always forget about the part in my hair and it gets burned, so wearing a hat would solve this issue.  You could also go really classic and bring umbrellas or parasols.




packit cooler bagConsider the longevity of the food – How long do you plan to be outside?  Be aware of any dairy products that could get a little questionable in the sun and heat. Plan to take a cooler, like these great PackIt cooler bags. They are great to keep in the freezer all the time so they are ready when you need them.  And they fold up small when not in use.


breakfast picnicDon’t forget the most important meal of the day – Enjoy a breakfast picnic!  Start the day off right by packing up some muffins, scones, jams, fruit, and juice for a romantic meal at sunrise.  Just don’t forget a thermos of coffee for those that need that extra kick in the morning!


indoor picnicWeather not cooperating – Picnic Inside!  Don’t let a little rain dampen the occasion. Pack up your basket just like you normally would, but lay your picnic blanket out on the living room floor! Weather so bad that it knocks out your power? Even better – Picnic by candle light.  Another added bonus of dining inside is that you won’t have to worry about ants and other insects.

Picnic on the road with Tailgating! – Just around the corner, we also have football season.  Take your love of picnics with you!  Need more inspiration?  We have a great tailgating cooking class coming up.  The menu will feature a Little Bites Tray including Sweet & Spicy Deviled Eggs, Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Bites, & Stuffed Peppadews, as well as Marinated Chicken and Hot Peppers Sandwiches.   Join Chef Yvonne for this delicious Tailgating Cooking class to show your team spirit!

How do you enjoy the great outdoors?   We’d love to see pics of you enjoying National Picnic Month!


Thanks! ~ Autumn

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