Fall 2014 Interior Design Trends


outdoor accessories indoors cotton stones mason jarWith the Fall 2014 High Point Furniture Market only a few weeks away, we are eager to see the latest trends first hand.  The style spotters have made the following predictions.  We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see if they are right, but we’ll also be looking for any other trends they may have missed!

Merging Indoor and Outdoor with Decorative Accents – Fall is such a beautiful time of year, so it’s no coincidence that it is a big trend right now to bring some of the beauty of nature indoors this season.  Try dried leaves, stones, cotton, or twigs.  Or collect some of each in a mason jar or antique canister for a lovely arrangement.

glamorous master bath


Glamour and Glitz – Clean lines, polished finishes, and luxurious touches continue to be in high demand for design clients.  Where the light colors give an airy and open feel, there are certainly no shortage of accents to finish the look off with high end class.

Metallics: Bold Gold, Brass and Mixing Metals – Metallic finishes have flourished into a wide spectrum of colors.  And throw out the rule book – combine several finishes with stainless, bronze, and pewter to name a few.

Corduroy Bear

CorduroyWoops, not that Corduroy (I guess I have children’s books on the brain)!  This cozy fabric adds a fun texture and clean lines to upholstery.  There are limitless color options and even different widths and varieties to the texture.  It’s also perfect for fall since we’re wearing more clothing to protect us from getting the indentations from the pattern on our legs and arms!



blue accents trend 2014Blues – You name the blue and it’s hot right now.  Everything from light turquoise to deep navy.  You can even mix several shades for a monochromatic look.  Blues are also everywhere in fashion right now.  I was pleasantly surprised the other day when Ryan came home with several new shirts: one in navy and another in a very handsome sea-foam blue.  He’s fashion forward and didn’t even know it!

Grays – This is still the trending neutral.  Grays are everywhere and in every shade.  Gray washes and stains are very popular in wood finishes as well.  We have also seen a range that even incorporates grays that lean somewhat into the beige family.  


Stay tuned for our market finds to see if these trends hold true for the styles to come!

Do you have a design need that you just haven’t been able to find?  Give us the mission to find it at market!


~ Autumn

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