Five Ways to Survive a Kitchen Remodel While Living in the House!


I preface this blog with a grandbaby update-Huevos is still marinating!  Hopefully, we can officially call ourselves grandparents by the end of the week.   We will keep you updated!  Now on to today’s topic.

We have just finished up a major renovation in our Arizona home which included the kitchen, 3 baths, and whole house flooring replacement while living in the house.  All I can say we did it!!!

In prep for this big event here are five things to do to help you survive.

  1.  Plan for meal prep.  Once all your creature comforts of a working kitchen disappear it may seem a little scary.  Where will we eat for the next six to eight weeks?  Set up a temporary cooking location on a table or plywood top on saw horses.  A workable microwave, large toaster oven, coffee maker and outside grill save the day!  It is amazing how much you can do with these appliances!  When I had a hankering for fresh egg salad I even boiled eggs on our gas grill.  Click here to see is the Boiling Eggs video!Also, plan to plug-in the existing refrigerator wherever there is room.  By pre-determining these things, demolition day will not seem “quite” so scary.
  2. Plan for kitchen cleanup.  Since we were working on our bathrooms at the same time as our kitchen I needed mobile clean-up gear.  We used our utility sink in the garage briefly (until it was torn out), then we flexed between whatever bathroom sink was available.  Here is what I gathered for my mobile supply kit.  A drying mat was great for tight vanity sink situations.
  3. Plan for tableware and utensils.  We did not want to use all disposable plates and silverware.  Knowing that clean-up space would be a challenge I selected 2 sets of our favorite plastic picnic plates so I didn’t need to worry about breakage while using a tiny 14″ vanity sink for cleanup.  While emptying the kitchen cabinets designate enough dishes, utensils and paper napkins for your household.  Don’t forget a few wine glasses and beer steins.  You will be thankful you had these on some construction days!
  4. Plan for appropriate cookware.   Remember you will probably be using your microwave for a lot of things.  Collect a few assorted size, glass Pyrex containers that fit your microwave. These pieces can be used for storage, as well.  Beware don’t microwave the plastic lids of Pyrex storage containers!  Our cast iron griddle was our cooking vessel of choice when using our gas grill.  Paul became a master at cooking fried eggs, bacon and stuffed avocados.  All our meat and fish was prepared on the grill.  Roasted veggies were one of our favorites!
  5. Clean up constantly.  Keep up with the general dust and debris clean-up in the house while under construction.  We loved our e-cloths rags and mop for this (saved a lot of paper towels).  We did really good with cleaning in the early weeks but we were tired of it towards the end.  Keep focused.  Relax and think what a pleasure it will be to cook in your brand new kitchen.  Take a night here and there to enjoy a night out for a meal away from the dust and chaos of the construction.

We are now complete through our two-month journey and are loving the new digs!  It was worth all the aggravations and disruptions.  Go with the flow!!!   

Stay tuned for the big kitchen reveal.

Do you have tips to add about how you survived your kitchen remodel?  I would love to hear your comments!


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