Gems, Beads and Rocks -Oh My!


Once a year over 55,000 people descend on Tucson, AZ. for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  I have been to many trade shows but none that is so vast in size and depth in the very small category of gems and minerals.  Because it was my first time and I was doing very limited purchasing I found the show can be really overwhelming. The extent of my purchasing was a few of these handpainted Karuzi beads.  How could I past by all this color without taking some home!karuzi-beads-t copy

Even though the show was full of every imaginable bead and precious gem, for me the show stopper was the minerals, geodes and rocks.  I was truly amazed at the incredible variety and the array of colors and configurations.  I cannot name all of these pieces but I wanted to share with you these stunning works of nature.


IMG_5405 copy

IMG_5411 copy

IMG_5416 copy

IMG_5418 copy

IMG_5422 copy

I am so glad I explored this show and will be able to delve into it more deeply next year now that I’ve gotten my “feet wet.”  I see incredible possibilities for utilizing rocks and geodes in interior and garden design.  I set out to look for beads, jewelry findings and tools but found rocks, the natural gems that God creates.  So beautiful!

Hope you enjoy these natural beauties!


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  1. Mary says:

    You are so right, Nancy. It every part of this world there are amazing wonders of God. I agree Lake Gaston is certainly one of them. We haven’t visited Death Valley yet but that is on the list.

  2. Mary says:

    Thanks, Shirley. As I find more minerals of interest I will certainly share the pictures.

  3. Shirley Anschutz says:

    Mary they are beautiful. to think you are right in the mist of them, Send more pictures. I really like the blue with brown worked through the dish. Shirley

  4. Nancy says:

    One of the things I always enjoy about traveling to the Southwest US are the beautiful colors in nature. One of the most beautiful places was Death Valley at some of the canyons. Breathtaking and memorable. So glad that you are enjoying your new home. Lake Gaston is still breathtaking to me after 26 years. God created amazing wonders for us to enjoy.

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