Give Thanks to the Host


It’s getting to be that time of year again for lots of parties and get-togethers with family and friends.  While your Holiday shopping list is probably already a mile long, it’s important not to forget about your gracious host.  Here are a few gift ideas of different sizes and some impressive wrapping ideas that show off your attention to the details, no matter your budget!

A Small Gift with Big Wrapping Impact!

small gift of ginger cookies, pumpkin dip mix, and a decorative ornamentShare this small gift of Anna’s Ginger Thins cookies and pumpkin dip mix.  Top it off with a decorative  ornament for added detail.  It really shows that you’ve given it some thought and care.   The total cost of this gift is only about $12.

small gift cell wrap with tissue

Use cellophane with colorful tissue paper.  If you get a neutral cello, you can pair it with any color tissue for any occasion.  I usually use 3 layers of tissue to conceal what’s inside.  Start pulling it together by bringing up the points.  Then gather it all and secure with wired ribbon.  Wired ribbon holds tight so your hands are free to complete your package.

small gift bow making with ornament

Once secure with the ribbon, now you can make the bow.  Fold ribbon back and forth so that you have 3 loops on each side.  Tie it on the package in the middle.  Here, I’ve slid an ornament on the straight ribbon first, then tie it all in the middle.  Dress it up by weaving the ends in and out of your fingers for a graceful curve.

finished small gift

This classy gift shows you gave a lot of care in this gift, and it’s easy to have a few of these in cue for an unexpected get-together.









A Gift Basket That’s Cute and Fully Functional!

gift basketGift baskets are lovely, but what about using something creative as a vessel for the collection of gifts – like another gift!  If you’re doing a kitchen related gift, try using a mixing bowl.  Here I’m using a fun red colander, featuring gourmet words as the drain holes.  This “basket” will hold a bar cutting board, martini olives, a funny spatula, gourmet salt, dip mix, and cocktail napkins.  Total cost is ~$62.

gift basket in the round

It is important when you arrange the items in a gift basket, make sure you think about how it looks from all sides.

gift basket cello

Cello is helpful for combining oddly shaped items. Here I’ve used only the cello and no tissue to show off every treasure inside.

gift basket cello pull up

Cut the cello so that it’s long enough to cover and give you enough to fluff on top.  The cello isn’t actually wide enough for this, but to solve this use a single piece of tape to hold  the shorter sides.  Then you pull together your long sides and gather them on top.  This camouflages  the shorter pieces.  Secure with ribbon or decorative wire.

gift basket bow making

Here’s a review of the bow we did above, but with a different detail.  Instead of using ribbon to hold it all together, I used a few pieces of decorative wire.  Curl the extra ends around your finger for fun ringlets.

finished gift basket

Ta Da!  Here we have the whole thing pulled together, all compact in one beautiful package.










Lots of People Give Wine, but Don’t Forget About the Extra Glasses!

wine glasses in boxThese are Govino acrylic stemless wine glasses that feature a subtle indention that’s comfortable for your thumb.  They don’t break, they can be washed in the top of the dishwasher, and they are great for use year-round (especially on the boat).  Although in a basic box, I thought it would still be helpful to review how to wrap a box.


boxed gift wrap how to

This may seem basic, but here is a step by step tutorial on wrapping a box.
Plus, it’s only using 3 pieces of tape!
#1) Wrap paper around box and secure on the bottom with your 1st piece of tape.
If there’s a pattern to the paper, try to get the lines to match up.
The exact pattern meeting up is almost impossible, but what do you know – it happened here!
#2) Make sure that the extra paper on the sides goes down further than half, but not further than the height of the box.
#3) Crisply fold each side – crisp clean folds are key.
#4) Bring in the sides to meet in the middle, again making very crisp folds.
#5) Fold up the tip to give you a smooth edge.
#6) Lift up and secure with your 2nd piece of tape. Repeat on the other end using your 3rd piece of tape.



finished box gift wrap

Complete with a funky bow and you are all set to honor your host.


So there are some of the secrets to the phenomenal  gift wrap here at MSLL.  It’s complimentary with purchase, so the next time you are in need of a hostess gift, stop by for a personal demonstration!

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    Would you come wrap my yet unpurchased gifts, Autumn ?? Great ideas…

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