Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Happy Thanksgiving!  I photographed this platter at HF Coors, a local tableware manufacturer, so I could share this greeting with you! This place is amazing!  We took a brief factory tour and learned that they can produce up to 7500 unfinished mugs per day.  Each piece is handpainted.  Every piece of pottery is worked on by an average of 25 -40 people. It takes 2 days to completely finish a mug.  Here is a little peek of their factory.


HF Coors has been manufacturing tableware in America since 1925.  Here you can read the history about their company and its connection to Coors beer.  They have a retail store, sell online and have a factory sale the 1st Saturday of each month.  If you love colorful pottery built to last it is a great place to visit. from

Here is a blog from the HF Coors site about how to set a proper table (how timely for our Thanksgiving table).set_table_hfcoors_blog

My Thanksgiving table will not be this well appointed.  I never realized you could have that many different utensils!  I think the food taste just as good with far less choices of silverware!!!

Whether you are preparing the feast, ordering in or traveling to be with friends and family enjoy your weekend.

Be safe and be thankful for all we have.



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Newly added pieces to the glass art shop just in time for holiday giving!

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