Help me with my MBR design!


This is approximately Week Seven of our new house makeover.  Slowly but surely each week there is progress (sometimes way too slowly).  This week I am trying to pull together all the elements for our MBR.  The storage platform bed finally arrived after a month of the mattress on floor :(.  Now what?  Here is the pitiful current state of our bedroom.  I am embarrassed to even show you (but I thought it might make you feel a little better about how things may look while your home is in design chaos). So here is the big BEFORE reveal!

Bland Master Bedroom Wall-way too white!

BEFORE: Bland Master Bedroom Wall-way too white!

The wall with the light chests is way too white.  As with any design project I always start with the “given(s)”.  Givens are any elements that steer you into a design direction.   The givens here are the bed, chests, lamps and a few accent pillows.  The decisions to be made:  the color to paint the wall and the accent fabrics.

The "Givens"-lamps, chests and pillows.

The “Givens”-lamps, chests and pillows.

This white wall is crying for color.  The room appears dark at times until the late afternoon.  I had thought a dark paint such as Benjamin Moore  Down Pour Blue would be a nice contrast to the light furniture but a dark blue can really absorb the light in a room.  I am leaning toward a gray or medium seafoam paint. The coverlet is also a pale seafoam color with nice quilted texture details.

Textured coverlet with quilted, raised details.

Textured coverlet with quilted, raised details.

Here are a few paint ideas:

Paint Options

Paint Options

Which paint color do you suggest?

The fabrics (shown in front) will be used to cover a bench at the end of the bed and other accents.  We have shutters at the windows so I am not planning any window treatments just yet.  The pillows (shown in back) are items I have on hand from other projects.  Here is the close up of the fabrics and pillows.

Close-up of a few fabric options.

Close-up of a few fabric options.

How would you use the stripe and the leaf patterned fabrics?

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.  Need to make some decisions!

Thanks for your help!




  1. […] About six weeks ago I ask for help with selecting the paint color for our Master Bedroom.  The final decision was Benjamin Moore #647.   Read more about the color selections here:  Help me with my MBR design. […]

  2. […] Thank you for the tremendous response from last week’s cry for help.  I have made thousands of paint decisions through the years but I became very indecisive about the MBR wall.  From your responses I was spurred on to make a decision. It was a very close tie for these two colors,  West Coast and Fun and Games.  Although I loved the deeper blue color ( Downpour Blue) it was too dark for my intrinsic love of color.  To read more about the paint color dilemma and all the comments check out last week’s blog . […]

  3. Mary says:

    Hi Vicky: So good to hear from you! Yes I will add your email address. I hope all is well with you and the family. Thanks for your vote!

  4. Vicky Goforth says:

    Hi Mary, rick forwarded this to me. I vote 1671 West Coast,. Please add my email address to your list. Great to hear from you. Vicky Goforth

  5. Mary says:

    Thanks Sheila. Right now that is my second choice. Look for the finished wall.

  6. Sheila says:

    West coast. A nice and warm color for bedroom.

  7. Sheila Brennan says:

    I vote for West Coast. A dark room needs lighter colors. I would use the darker prints sparingly, as they will darken the room more. A lot depends on the type of lighting in the room.

  8. Mary says:

    Hi Mary Ann- not sure you’ll get a chance to see Down Pour Blue on my wall. Stay tune to see what we decide. Thanks for your thoughts!

  9. Mary says:

    Thanks Debbie. So good to hear from you. It will be a few weeks but I will post the finished project.

  10. MaryAnn Whittemore says:

    I want down pour blue for the bedroom wall. Why? Because that is about the color blue I have been wanting to see in my bedroom and have not had the courage to do it. So you do it and I will see what it looks like and do mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not have a good enough design sense to tell you what to do with the fabrics. I come to you for that!!!

  11. Debbie McDuffie says:

    Hey Mary,
    Of the 3 shown, I would vote for West Coast. Fun & Games looks more of an aqua color, and Down Pour Blue appears way too dark. Something a shade lighter than West Coast, with the same tint, would also by pretty.

    Let us know about the final decision.

  12. Mary says:

    Thanks, Anne! Yellow is starting to grow on me.

  13. Mary says:

    Thanks, Yvonne. I stopped asking Paul about color long ago. What’s the use! Hadn’t consider yellow but may entertain the thought. See you in October!

  14. Mary says:

    Surprised you didn’t pick Down Pour Blue!

  15. Mary says:

    Thanks, Alicia. Agree with the in-between tone of West Coast. No sure yet. I’ll be your way the week of Oct 13. I’ll let you know exact dates. See you soon.

  16. Mary says:

    Hi Laura Ann- so good to hear from you. Love the dark wall but don’t know if that is one I can live with. You will see in a few weeks when I finally decide. 🙂

  17. Mary says:

    Katrina-Since right now I am the designer/painter not sure I will paint all four walls. I’ll let you know. Thanks for the input.

  18. Mary says:

    Thanks, Marie: So far WC is the leader.

  19. Mary says:

    Hi Lori-thanks for your ever welcome input. The mirror was not supposed to go in this blog. Oops! Still working on that concept. Yes if I do use it I will add some color to it.

  20. Mary says:

    Thanks, Nancy. Lots of good ideas!

  21. Mary says:

    Nina- West Coast would definitely add the contrast I’m looking for. Still deciding…

  22. Mary says:

    Another West Coast fan!

  23. Mary says:

    #1671 West Coast is seeming really popular with our readers. Haven’t decided yet.

  24. Mary says:

    Hi Kathy- Love the fabrics as well!

  25. Mary says:

    Gray just seem gloomy to me the more I look at the West Coast color in the room.

  26. Mary says:

    Hi Suzie-thanks for all your input. Arizona colors with warm red and orange can be seen in the great room. (pictures to come when it is finished) I wanted to keep the MBR a little more serene. Thanks for the Pier 1 tip. I’ll have to check a store. Thankfully I have plenty of shopping options here.

  27. Mary says:

    Hi Nancy-you are getting to be a regular posting comments. Thanks so much! I’m leaning towards Fun & Games.

  28. Nancy Work says:

    Wow…..decisions, decisions, decisions! That is why most things just don’t get done in my house 🙂 ! But I love helping others! I really like the # 3 paint but agree with you that it does absorb the light! So ….think I would go with #1 ~ think I would us the leaf pattern on a pillow and the stripe on the bench ~ I think it would really look good backed up against that quilt or comforter you are using. Good luck….I am sure that others will have better ideals that I do….can’t wait to see the finished MBR.

  29. Suzie Cary says:

    Hi Mary,
    I believe these are the colors a family member just used in their new home in FL. They are beautiful and easy to live with. I would probably go with 647 for at least three of the walls and 1671 for one wall. The dark color I would save for accents in pillows, pictures, etc. I’m not sure the lamps are the right color for the paint choices. Maybe it’s the lighting but they seem more blue in color. Pier 1 has those beautiful sea glass lamps. I might opt for those or even the yellow color in the pillows. Pier 1 has lots of accents for the colors you are choosing.

    Just curious….. what about using “Arizona” colors? Oranges, reds, sand, agave? I put Dunn Edwards Pale Beach throughout my house and have various browns reds, and even a pale green to compliment.

  30. Cindy Vaughan says:

    or maybe a light soft gray

  31. Kathy Casey says:

    I would go with the gray “west coast” color. I like the fabrics…

  32. Cindy Vaughan says:

    #1671 West Coast for the MBR

  33. Rachelle says:

    I like West Coast.

  34. Nina says:

    I love the pop of the “downpour blue”; but, if you don’t have enough light, you may feel like you are living in a cave. (Sleeping in would be easy, though.) Personally, I would tire of the “fun and games” paint, and it may limit you when you are ready change linens and accessories. I like the “west coast” color the best. It is a nice contrast with your coverlet, and offers a lot of possibilities for changes down the road. Choose whatever color evokes the right mood and, you will find a way to pull it off with style!

  35. Nancy Nicholson says:

    Fun and Games for the paint. Covered headboard with a silky cotton to match the coverlet and buttons, very tailored. stripe material for a chair(s) and possibly cover the lampshades or use the leafy material and also for a window treatments.

  36. lori weber says:

    Good morning. Thanks for letting us weigh in. My first thought (because I have seen the rest of the house) was to go with a strong color like the Down Pour Blue. But it is the master bedroom and I seek quiet and serene. I would select something in the area of fun and games but perhaps a shade lighter or darker. I am going off the color in the sham. I think a pop of color on the bed wall will work wonders for the room. Are you painting the mirror – perhaps in a deeper shade of the wall color?

  37. Michelle Long says:

    Great start with these elements. I like the striped as the bench cover fabric, because it’s a good color contrast against the bed cover. Use of the the leaf fabric to do more pillows in the room (for bench and bed). Paint color choice would be the 1671 west coast because it’s a middle of the road color. Gives enough darkening against the remaining white walls, but doesn’t take away light as the very dark shade would. Love seeing this progress.

  38. Marie says:

    I would go with the West Coast Blue

  39. Katrina Hayes says:


    Have you thought about painting the wall at the head of the bed the Down Pour Blue and the other 3 walls a different color–perhaps a very light pearl gray.
    My daughter did something similar–wall behind head of bed a deep eggplant purple with the other 3 walls a light grey. It allows lots of light, gives contrast and brings focus to the coverlet, lamps, chest and pillows.


  40. Laura says:

    My vote is for the Down Pour. It seems the accessories and fabrics will pop more against the darker blue walls.

    I know whatever you decide it will be beautiful. Hope you are enjoying Arizona.

  41. Alicia Stone says:

    I vote for 1671 West Coast. I love the dark blue but I don’t like a dark room. The sea foam is nice but it feels very summery and in the winter I want my room to feel cozy. That makes west coast the perfect in-between color for me. I can’t wait to see the final product! Hey, and when you get done I need help on a complete living room redo! Come visit me 🙂

  42. Pete Minck says:

    West Coast definitely.

  43. Yvonne says:

    I like fun and games. It looks like your lamps would dissappear with the other colors. Plus I just like the color. Paul is colorblind so he won’t care. I also think a bright but sift yellow would do nice. That is the interior decorator in me talking.

  44. Anne Nicholas says:

    why not pull one of the yellows in the fabric to use on the wall? Even that bright Provençal yellow would be cool. That would brighten the whole room. If you’re set against that, I would go with the sea foam green. The other 2 colors are kind of depressing for an entire wall.

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