Home from Cali – A Successful Working Vacation!

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Visited San Antonio Winery, est 1917, in the heart of Los Angeles

Last time we left you with a question – should a husband and wife who work together undertake a working vacation together. The answer is “Yes!” I am happy to report that we did quite well together. All of that leads me to think about all the wine labels we sampled and all the decisions that could be considered in trying to expand the company’s portfolio of wines.

I’ve done a lot of thinking and reading about wine lately. As you may know, there is a virtually unlimited supply of comments about the nose, palate, finish, points, flavors, etc. ad nauseum available out here. Almost no one reads wine blogs. So what am I to do? I’d very much like to blog about wine. Recently I visited a wine site dedicated to drinking wine – as opposed to all the blather most of us don’t understand.
Last night we had dinner with Nancy and Jack (and Nancy’s mother, Margaret). Of course, I brought a wine we had picked up out west. Also, since Nancy is my main taste tester, I took a wine accessory – the new Vinturi – a device to “open” the wine you are pouring.
So what does “open” mean? Part of the tradition of wine is to decant the bottle before pouring it into wine glasses so that it has a chance to breathe…this to improve its flavor. When a bottle is first uncorked, wine tends not to have it’s full flavor, know as being “closed”. Decanting allows the oxygen to begin to interact with the wine – a little of which is good (and a lot of which is bad). The Vinturi effectively exposes the wine to oxygen. Both Nancy and I were impressed with the impact.
Here is the link:
Buy it through Amazon, the best deal I could find.
The device seems to work quite well with reds as a wine decanter. There seems to be a different wine accessory developed to do the same job on whites, I haven’t tried it yet. Will let you know when I do.
Would you like to continue hearing more about wine? Do you have some interesting knowledge or information about wine you would like to share? I would love to hear your comments. We’ll try to keep this wine discussion interesting and pitched at a level we can all enjoy.
Although I had a great time in CA, it is definitely good to be home at Lake Gaston!

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