A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place – Kitchen Organization from Top to Bottom


Ever ask yourself where something is in your kitchen?  What you should be asking is “Where should it be?”.

Here’s a video that demonstrates some great organization tools, but also discusses the thought that should go into kitchen work areas.

Every cook is different, so there are many different ways to organize a kitchen.  “What do you use most?” and “Where are you going to use it?” are key questions to ask when organizing your space.

Tools like roll-out trays are wonderful anywhere in the kitchen but can also be very valuable in laundry rooms or bathrooms.  What about the pull-out spice cabinet in a vanity space for your make-up bottles and hairspray.  Be creative for the most rewarding results.

How could you use some help in the organization department?

Thanks! – Autumn


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  2. Thanks Patsy! Had a lot of fun doing it. The LeMans corner units are amazing space saver solutions!

  3. Thanks so much, Nancy! I’m glad you enjoyed the video. We plan to make even more, so make sure to check back in. Any topics that might interest you?

  4. nancy Seevers says:

    Good ideas, nicely done, thank you, nancy seevers

  5. Patsy says:

    Good job, Autumn. Love that smooth moving blind corner solution !

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