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It’s ironic how, as mothers, we strive so hard to make the big moments monumental, but it’s the smallest things that seem to make the biggest impressions.  This past Saturday at our Annual Mother’s Day Brunch Event, we asked our moms to share their favorite mom memory.  Below are some of our faves:

“Even though my mama died over 40 years ago, when I was a new bride, I still remember her telling me how to do something (clean the floor, make a cake, help a neighbor).  Her love lives on in my memory and in my life.”  ~ Melinda Harris

“Our mother-daughter weekends, plus just about any time we spend together.”  ~ Paula Greene

“My favorite memory of my mother is when she surprised me at school with balloons on my birthday.  Then she took me out to dinner when I was 7.  I love my mom!”  ~ Victoria Fahnestock

“When my son was small, we would take him out on the boat and he would go to sleep.  So Peaceful!”  ~ Sharon Lubbers

“My daughter told my husband’s boss that I always parked in handicapped and returned milk we drank.  The truth…I had foot surgery and parked in handicapped and the milk I had bought was sour.”  ~ Linda Webb

“I loved how my mom used to dirty every pot, pan and dish in the kitchen and my sister and I always had clean-up duty!” ~ Kathy Hayes


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In addition to our customer’s favorite memories, we have memorable moments of our own.

“I will always remember waiting to the last minute to do a paper or a project in school, and my mom continuously supplying a list of “howabouts” to help get me motivated!”   ~ Michelle Saunders

“There are so many amazing moments with my mom and how inspirational she has been, but a big one that comes to mind is how she broke her leg while chaperoning a school roller skating party.  I begged her to get out and skate, not thinking about how she wasn’t wearing the appropriate socks.  Panty hose and skates are not a good combo!  Thanks mom for always being there, good times and bad!”  ~ Autumn Wenger

“My mom was such an inspiration to all.  My brother would say she never met a stranger.  Even into her nineties she still made friends (i.e. flirted) with the life guard at the pool or the check out guy at the grocery store.  Everyone was her friend!  I am so lucky to have had a loving, generous, happy woman as my role model and mom.  Miss you Mom!”  ~Mary Sherwood


God bless all the moms in our lives!

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  1. Marysherwood says:

    Thanks, Patsy! She was the best. I was so lucky to have her for so long. Love you, girlfriend!

  2. Patsy Cuthrell says:

    Oh, sweet Frances. She was the best. That is a great picture of you two. I think my favorite picture of Frances was riding that tiny tricycle when she was pretty close to 90. Such a fun person to be around. I miss her too…

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