MAN, WOMEN MEN AND WOMEN WORKING TOGETHER, HUSBAND, WIFENow, whoda thunk I needed to figure out how to deal with women!!!  Really!  My first job in a hospital was in 1962 – continuously employed in one from 1970 through 2005 – working full time in a world populated primarily by women – so how come this new job at MSLL was so difficult??

A little background…

Ever since I was a very little kid (I think my first heart throb was in the second grade – Bonnie Richards) I always thought women were pretty cool.   Not only did they look good, they also had the personality traits we all seem to value the most (when they are being good, that is) love, nurture, support, etc.

But, when suddenly I was thrust into an office where I was the only guy – and no one felt any changes were needed on account of me – whoa!

Let me tell you – as a husband it’s a big shock to find that sweet and gentle woman you love and who is your partner is clearly bipolar!!  I had never seen the business-side of her.  Not being critical here.  Just had never seen it – and it was definitely a dash of cold water.

First day – in the morning – I use the facilities only to be told that I lacked proper etiquette! (Followed by several suggestions as to how I could improve the situation).

I was looking around for evidence of having fallen into the Twilight Zone. (Trust me – I figured the bathroom etiquette out in a hurry.)

Not so with many other situations!  Take for example my doomed-to-failure efforts to help with the merchandising of the showroom.    I mean, how hard could that be?  All you have to do is figure out what you like in a store and duplicate it– right?   Wrong! It seems that the organization of the car parts store and the lumber yard had little applicability in my new world.

Talk about rocks in the road of marital bliss!

Needless to say, we both survived.  Four years later and I’ve learned to appreciate the differences between the way women think, and make decisions and what is natural for me.  In learning that, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the woman who is my partner.  And that, as they say, is a GOOD THING!

So then, how do women make their purchase decisions?  Well, that’s a whole other adventure.  Later my friends!


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  1. Paul says:

    There is nothing now. When I first started here, I was no longer HMIC (head man in charge). In my new role, the world was not organized to my benefit any longer. The changes to my life were not expected so they were quite surprising.

    Thanks for being so considerate!

  2. Autumn Wenger says:

    What kind of changes would you like us to make? How can we make our workplace more “Man-Accessible” for you? 🙂

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