OH! Christmas Trees!!!


Yes, friends there will be a Christmas tree at the Sherwood’s Lake Gaston home this Christmas!  Some of our friends were beginning to worry there would not be any sign of holiday cheer at our house by the time our family arrives.  Have no fear, we once again have a “live” Christmas tree.  Here is the story…

Being in the retail and design business we are often very busy at this time of year.  As our business and children were growing up and time was at a premium, Aaron and Jake began to question “if” and what kind of tree we would have.  Traditionally it was always a live tree, sometimes collected from a local tree farm or the local Jaycee’s lot.  In 2002, having waited until the last minute, I rushed to Wildwood Nursery in search of a live tree.  They were too large, too tall or too expensive, so I had to re-group.  Wondering through the nursery I spotted a Pom Pom Topiary Juniper.   It was not very big but had a very interesting shape.  Could I make this work as a Christmas tree?  I am always up for a challenge!  My youngest son, Jake, at that time, always arrived home for Christmas late in the night from NJ.  I had promised him a real tree!  So, he first laid eyes on this tree while everyone else was sleeping.  In the morning he said, “Mom, what have you done?  You decorated a “broccoli” tree for Christmas! Thus the saga of the potted Christmas trees began.  Here is the pictorial version of the saga from 2002 to today,


Broccoli tree, Christmas tree, holiday decorations

2002 "Broccoli" Tree

So this past weekend once again we set out on the quest for a tree.  Again Wildwood Nursery was able to oblige.    We found a beautiful potted ‘Carolina Sapphire’ Cypress tree about 5’ tall.  This type of Cypress is a very airy looking tree with aromatic, pale blue-grey foliage.  Because the foliage is so wispy, developing a decorating scheme took some thought.


Carolina Cypress, Mary Sherwood, Christmas tree,

The beginnings of the 2011 Sherwood Christmas tree, a 'Carolina Sapphire' Cypress

I began with the lights placed close to the trunk.  Tulle mesh ribbon in three colors, white, red and turquoise, and lime stretchy ribbon was added for the garland.  Last but certainly not least, an assortment of light weight glass ornaments created the finishing touch!


glass ornaments, saxophone Christmas ornament

Added sparkle and shine with light weight glass ornaments to the 2011 tree.

Carolina Cypress, Christmas Tree, potted evergreen tree,

Carolina Cypress 2011 Christmas Tree

glass baubles, art glass, Christmas lights, color for Christmas

Glass baubles and lights for the mantel!

Christmas decorations, Handrail Christmas decorations, turquoise, lime green

Added a touch of turquoise this year.

art glass, lamp, Christmas ornament, dragonfly

An art glass lamp even gets some Christmas adornment

Yes, we do have a tree and a few other Christmas baubles and bangles.

Thank you for reading this story!  It helped me remember how precious these holiday memories will always be in our lives with the people we love.

Enjoy your holidays wherever you may be.  Make some memories!


Sherwood family, memories, Los Angeles, Museum of Modern Art

The Sherwoods visiting the LA Museum of Modern Art, Christmas, 2010

Merry Christmas!


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  2. Mary says:

    Hi Sandy: Glad I found out you were not getting our updates! I know your holiday was difficult for your son and wife. My sympathies to them all. New demo kitchen underway. Cooking class schedule to be announced soon. Happy New Year!

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks, Eloise. It’s fun sharing some of the family stuff. Had a wonderful Lake Gaston Christmas! Happy new year!

  4. Mary says:

    Hi Marcia-Hope you had a wonderful Florida holiday! Enjoyed hearing about some of your Christmas traditions. We’re in the process of installing the demo kitchen. Hope you and your daughter can join us for some cooking classes when we are up and running. See you in the new year!

  5. Mary says:

    Thanks, Lynne! Glad to hear you had a great holiday! See you in the new year!

  6. Lynne Williams says:

    Awesome “real” tree. Thanks for helping to make our Christmas bright. There were alot of happy people in the Williams household with beautiful packages from MSLL.

  7. Marcia Nicolai says:

    Oh my goodness. What a beautiful story. I’m in FL with three little trees. MY KIDS——Well Mom, how many trees are you putting up this year? There use to be the Family Tree, the Elegant Tree, & each child their very own tree. We’re all just so happy to be together that 3 little trees are just fine. The packages have names all in Braille so Josh (& myself) are the only ones that know which present goes to whom!
    We have another tradition: Tamales for Christmas Eve. We found the nicest lady to make them for us in Sarasota.
    Don’t you just love Christmas Stories.
    Have a Blessed Holiday with your family.
    Love, Marcia

  8. Sandy & Brandt Hanson says:

    Great story and photo’s Mary. Have a very Merry Christmas with your family! And a Happy New Year! Glad you added me back on the newsletter circuit! 🙂

  9. Eloise Ward says:


    Thank you for the story about your trees. You have such a special talent for colors and all forms of decorating. It is a wonderful gift.

    Merry Christmas

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