Paul’s Skills Exposed with this Video Testimonial


Well, today I believe Paul has finally arrived at a level he thought he was unlikely to achieve.  After his bantering and complaining about the lack of respect regarding his gift wrapping skills he has received a glowing testimonial from our customer, Peggy Freeman.  Not only is his competency no longer a secret we now have a video of Peggy’s statement.  Visit our YouTube channel to share in Paul’s glory.    Testimonial of Paul\’s Gift Wrapping Skills (Turn up your speakers, we are still trying to get the hang of this video thing…thanks).

Let’s keep the challenge going by requesting Paul’s gift wrap for your next gift.  Let’s have him prove this newly exposed talent.  He might just develop a new signature wrap for Mary Sherwood Lake Living.

Some days I wonder how far we will go to provide good customer service. 🙂  And it doesn’t get any better than having a husband who will gift wrap.  Just think of the possibilities at Christmas!  We are always looking for a topic for our next special event.  How about Gift Wrapping 101 for Guys by Paul?

Let us hear your comments and stories about the secret skills of gift wrapping and your partner.


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  1. Mary says:

    Ginger! Just now got to look at Mary’s laptop and saw your suggestion! Thanks! I’m working on it – coffee – wine – wrapping (and beer – maybe!)

    Hope all is well!

  2. Ginger Wyrick says:

    Okay Paul, I read your blog entry and saw the video. You definitely need to expand the store’s offerings and do a “men only” event as suggested in Mary’s post. Perhaps you could combine your wine skills with gift wrapping for an all-around fun evening for the boys. Paired with the holidays, it is sure to be a hit!

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