Reclaimed Oak works it Way into this Design


This week marks just over four weeks since we arrived in Tucson.  Soooo much has transpired since then.  For those of you who have seen our lake house you know how many wonderful built-ins and storage cabinets it has.  Moving to a smaller place with not much storage has been a challenge.  Two new glass display cabinets arrived last week. Yay!!!  Finally we can unbox the serving pieces and barware from the lake house.  Here is one of the cabinets.diningroom_reclaimed_oak_glass_cabinet_closed_Tucson

I found these display cabinets at the Las Vegas market made of reclaimed, antique oak by Home Trends and Design.  With these additions our new place is coming together as a VERY eclectic mix of contemporary and wood elements.  I am liking the look so far.  I cannot reveal the whole space just yet.  There are still several pieces missing including a custom-made live edge dining table with a gnarly wooden base.  You and I both will have to wait until October to see that piece.

To lighten up the cabinets I decided to line the back walls.  I covered “Eucaboard” hardboard (made from eucalyptus) with a cotton geometric, aqua fabric (taking far too much care to match the pattern).  This board is only 1/8″ thick and there was enough room to place one large piece of covered board behind the (removable) shelves. diningroom_reclaimed_oak_glass_cabinet_interior_finishedwith fabric_fabric_interior-back

The fabric addition really did helped but the interior still needs lighting.  Of course, the LED light strips have already been ordered.

So now the fun begins…what to do with all this stuff???diningroom_stuff_storage-reclaimed_oak-glass_front-cabinet

When we got down to the last box I knew we were missing something.  Sadly to say one cabinet and one deep drawer were overlooked when the lake house was packed.  So, my favorite serving platters are still residing in NC. 🙁  We were beat by the end of the packing and loading days and forgot to check every single storage spot before we left the house. The saving grace is the house is still listed for sale.  The new owner may just inherit some great serveware if I can’t get there to retrieve it before then.diningroom_glass_displaycase_storage_serveware_platters_forgotten If you haven’t seen the drone/video of our Lake Gaston house, take a look.  Share it with anyone you think may like to buy or rent it.  We would appreciate any sharing!

Sherwood Lake House Drone Video

Videographer:  Harris Welles Photography

The end of this week we are off to Glacier National Park for a hiking excursion with our friends Quinn and Brenda (Blackburn) Morrison.  I hope to have some stunning photos of this magnificent park.  It looks like there might even be a little snow.  I am not sure I will be posting anything next week.  We will be deep in the park!

Your comments are so fun to read.  It keeps me connected with our lake family and friends.  Keep them coming!


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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks Melody! We are heading out today. Looking forward to our trip. Maybe we can meet up somewhere out here in the future!

  2. Melody Reid says:


    Robert and I just returned from Sturgis, South Dakota. We drove out this year . The Midwest is absolutely gorgeous, I want to plan a trip to the Glacier Park too. Montana is beautiful! Have a wonderful, safe trip and I look forward to your next pictures!

  3. Mary says:

    Hi Kay-thanks for your encouragement. This house is a whole different style with different complexities. I am finally feeling like I am making headway. Glad you enjoy the posts. I plan to keep them coming! Say hi to Bob. Will miss our chats! Keep in touch!

  4. Mary says:

    The pattern matching was just for you. Once I got the first cabinet done the second was easy! Thanks tutor! lu

  5. Mary says:

    Thanks so much Michelle! So nice of you to offer! I’ll figure it out. Good to hear from you. Leaving on our hiking adventure with Brenda and Quinn to Glacier on Sunday. It will be good to see them! Keep following our blog and take a vacation to Tucson when you can! Paul needs his posse!

  6. Michelle Long says:

    Mary the updates on the new home are so fun to watch. If you need some help getting the dishes from the lake house say the word and I will get with the realtor or whomever can assist with it. I’d also be glad to pack them up and send to you so just let me know. Blessing to you and Paul on this wonderful adventure.

  7. Patsy says:

    Love the piece and your fabric pattern placement on the back is perfect. Makes this girl smile !!

  8. Anne Nicholas says:

    I miss your house! I know the right person will find it, pay your price and absolutely love living there. Thank you for so many happy memories in your home.

  9. Kay Rice says:

    Dear Mary,

    I am so happy that you are loving your new home! It’s so much fun to watch you decorate and create your own place again. I know all about downsizing and what that entails but you make it look so much easier! The best to you both!

    Miss you, but happy to receive your postings!



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