Small House Kitchen Project Planning


I started working on a small house project in our new neighborhood.  It will not be used as a full time dwelling but more like a weekend hide-a-way!  The plan was to keep it simple but it continued to grow (as they all do).  We are updating the entire 1000 sf but this week I focused on the kitchen.  The client wanted white cabinets, white stone countertops and white subway tile.  Somewhere along the way a 30″ red Viking range jumped into the plan.  So cool!

Here are pictures of the exterior, the “BEFORE” and the proposed “AFTER”.  There is still much to do but this is a start on the plans.  Walls will be painted, hardware to select, etc., etc., etc.  In case you are wondering; a few walls will be removed and the existing laundry room will be turned into a refrigerator/pantry space with counters for buffet service.  More on that part of the project later.

Exterior of this small home for weekend get-a-ways!

Exterior of this small home for weekend get-a-ways!

BEFORE-Kitchen that has to go!

BEFORE-Kitchen that has to go!

Perspective of new kitchen with RED Viking range!

Perspective of new kitchen with RED Viking range!

The white kitchen needed that RED pop!  It was the client’s idea.  I can’t take credit.

Do you love or hate the red range?  What would you do to add color to the space?  Let’s hear your thoughts!

Happy dreaming and scheming about your next project!


PS:  For the next two weeks I am traveling to NY, VA and NC including LKG.  Really looking forward to it.  After visiting our son in NY, my brother and family in Blacksburg, my BFFL, Patsy, for the High Point Furniture market I will take a few days to rest and recuperate with friends at Lake Gaston. 🙂  With all of this I will post a little on FaceBook but can’t promise the weekly blog (we’ll see).  Until next time don’t stop reading and sharing this blog.  I love your comments!!!!!


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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks, Connie. It is good to hear from you. All of your comments are good. The owner is adding a shabby chic print fabric on two chairs for color.

  2. Connie Skow says:

    Hi Mary,
    We miss you here at LKG but I guess we must all leave sometime. I like red and white but something is missing and there is too much white. I don’t think I would add blue but maybe a black or grey. Pick up the red in the floor and back splash.
    Enjoy you trip and be safe. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Connie Skow

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  4. Nancy Work says:

    Love it! Wishing you safe travels and wonderful visits with family and friends!

  5. Mary says:

    Hey there! So good to hear from you. Client wants white subway tiles but may convince her to add some color! Hope you are doing well!

  6. Mary Lee says:

    Hey Mary! How about a ceramic or glass tile back splash for that wall. Mine is subway brick pattern and goes all they way up behind a similar hood. Easy to clean. SW has lots of options and could pick up the color. Love the range too.

  7. Mary says:

    Hi Shirley: It is so good to hear from you! Great suggestions. Planning to use a pull out Lemans pull out corner unit to allow access. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WXYVL5pVoY Not sure the direction of the accessories yet.

  8. Shirley Anschutz says:

    After looking at the picture of the kitchen I think a corner cabinet would be good on wall between window and where the range is, with a lazy susan in it . Shirley

  9. Shirley Anschutz says:

    U love the red range but yes
    it does need more red somewhere not sure just were. Fun project Shirley

  10. Mary says:

    Hey, Yvonne. I thought you would like this range. Just getting started. More to come.

  11. Mary says:

    Thanks, Linda. Yes, this is the early stage of the planning and also a computer rendition. More details and options to be added. I see your point that the red is not connected anywhere.

  12. Mary says:

    Hi Pete…a patriotic kitchen? Maybe for the 4th of July! Good to here from you!

  13. Mary says:

    Thanks, Melinda. Yes, I agree a few brightly colored accessories are needed. Looking forward to my trip.

  14. Melinda Harris says:

    Navajo rug on floor with red, yellow green and or orange accessories would give more color. Love the red and white. Enjoy your trip east. Know you will have a great time.

  15. Pete Minck says:


    I’m not liking the wall cabinets next to the stove coming down lower than the bottom of the hood. Just my color free opinion. You need some blue in that kitchen…..Red, white, and blue!!!!!


  16. Linda Locascio says:

    I’m thinking that the red has to be picked up somewhere else……maybe one of the walls on either side? Just the red stove looks as if there was a clearance special and the only color available was red. Or maybe not subway tile, but ceramic tile with some red in it.

  17. Yvonne says:

    I LOVE the range. Paint the wall with the window or do a really cool window treatment around the window.

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