Stay-cation on Lake Gaston


A Stay-cation is taking the time off for some R&R, but staying close to home to save a little cash.  This is a great idea, just as long as you actually rest instead of catching up on your to-do list.  I just read a great post on Houzz about ways to get the most out of your stay-cation.  It really hits home because here on Lake Gaston, we have the opportunity to enjoy many benefits of the stay-cation just about anytime!  Here’s the link to the full post on Houzz: Simple Pleasures: 25 Ways to Make the Most of Your Staycation.  Below is just a sampling of my favorites from their list, showing how you can take some of this list and apply it everyday on Lake Gaston!

Life is better on Lake Gaston

1. Savor the Outdoors:  This is a no brainer!  Enjoy the view, sit outside with your morning cup of coffee, and be thankful for all that is around you.

2. Host a Movie Night Outdoors:  This can be done simply with a portable DVD player or a tablet.  Or with a bit of creativity, you can engineer a temporary movie screen with a white sheet or tarp and a digital projector.  Relive the days of Drive-In Movies.  (This is something Ryan and I love to do a couple times a month.  We just watched “Underdog” under the stars this past weekend!)

5. Enjoy a Massage:  There are some amazing resources around the lake to enjoy some “me time.”  My personal favorite is Healing Kneads.  You can do as little as a relaxing pedicure, or you can go all out for a full day of pampering with a massage, facial, pedicure… the works!

6.  Sign Up for a One Day Class:  Here at MSLL, we offer cooking classes a couple times a month on a variety of different topics.  If they don’t fit your schedule, we can do a private class for you and some friends.  Chef Yvonne Hoffman of Y Cook? is very talented in a variety of different cuisines to suit your tastes.  We are also hosting a skin-care beauty event with Patty Bunch (Make-up Artist to the Stars) in a couple weeks.  Check it out here!  There are also fun seminars at many of our special events, so just let us know what you’re interested in and we can see what we can do!

14. Have the Post Office Hold Your Mail:  It seems like a simple idea, but go through the prep of a true vacation even though you’re staying around.  By eliminating the everyday distractions and chores, you will feel more free to relax and enjoy your time.

15.  Hire a House Cleaning Service:  This is a must!  Use your time off to really relax.  Get out of the house for a few hours (maybe during your spa time) and come home to a clean house you don’t have to worry about.  Someone else has done the dirty work!  One of our favorites is Angel Watson of Angel’s Professional Cleaning.  She does a wonderful job and is very courteous.

20.  Bring Home Fresh Flowers:  Another subtle touch that can made a big difference.  There are many sources for this as well.  We have been working with Pam Ballew of Petals by Pam.  She brings us fresh cut flowers on Friday mornings, and they stay fresh for days!

25.  Take Pictures!  It may seem silly, but if you’re having a great time, you should capture the moment!


How have you made your time special so far?  We’d love to hear about your adventures in the comments below!

I hope you had an amazing 4th and hope you can continue to enjoy your summer on beautiful Lake Gaston!

Thanks! ~ Autumn

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