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Lyndsay taking care of Paul

Another market has come and gone.  This time Mary and Autumn went off to Atlanta with yet another “shopper” person.  Lyndsay and I stayed home to tend the store.

Now Lyndsay is a summer staff member.  She does a good job but…

She and I kept everything together for the full 3 business days the “cats” were away at market but when we all got back together at the office I find there was an unreported job assignment for Lyndsay.  She was also in charge of “keeping me straight”!

Friends – this is too much:  here I am (an experienced adult) and the twenty-something is asked to take care of me!!  Folks!  I am NOT a child or senile(yet)!!!

So the real question is the quid pro quo that develops.  I hereby vow to extract my revenge…but how?  There has to be some kind of antic…or something…that can even the score a little bit.

What do you all think?  Any ideas?  (Reply to my secure-from-prying-eyes personal mail box: and together let us plot!!!

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