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Is This A Closet to Die For?

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Recently we completed a wonderful master bath suite renovation which included this amazing “closet to die for”.

Here is the picture of the “before” closet desperately needing some organization.


The closet floor plan had several angles which made building-in the space a real challenge.  After measuring, assessing the contents and interviewing the owners here is the plan we developed.CLOSET-MASTER-BATH-CLOSET-FLOOR-PLAN

The highlights of this closet installation include the double stack of jewelry drawers, the pull out ironing board with electrical outlet, and the deep and shallow drawers, long/short hanging, and lots of shoes shelves (not shown).CLOSET-JEWELRY-STORAGE-PULLOUT-CUSTOMCLOSET-CUSTOM-IRONING-BOARD-PULLOUTCLOSET-CUSTOM-CABINETRY-LED-LIGHTING-SENSOR

My favorite design element in this closet is the LED lighted closet rods. CLOSET-CUSTOM-LED-LIGHTING-ROD

No more will you need to guess whether your slacks are navy or black.  Other lighting features include the remote motion sensor that turns the LED lights on as you walk into the space.  The LEDs turn off automatically after 3 minutes without motion.  Four recessed can lights provide general illumination and are controlled by a dimmer switch.

Here is the finished project with “HIS” and “HER” sides!


What do you think?

Do you agree this is a “closet to die for”?

More to come on the bath of this master suite.


Working with you to create your Lake Gaston lifestyle!

Ever long for an amazing closet like Carrie’s from Sex and the City?  Although it is meticulously designed and organized, a “Big” part of the appeal is the use of lighting.

Carrie's Closet from "Sex and the City"

In the world of lighting, under cabinet lighting in kitchens have come a long way, baby!  Many different options have been introduced over the last 30 years. It started with cool, “grayish” fluorescent lighting which provided illumination but did not enhance the color of food.  Halogen and Zenon lighting became the next lighting of choice. These bright “white” lights make colors pop and culinary creations sparkle. One detriment to their use is the heat gain and the replacement cost of the bulbs.  Both problems have been solved with the innovation of LEDs, but why limit its use to the kitchen?  Here are some unique applications we found at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this past week in Chicago.

Lighted Drawers turn on/off when opened/closed - Great to see all the way in the back

Lights behind doors turn on/off when opened/closed - Pick black, navy, or dark brown right the first time!












Lighting focused on each shelf highlights your fabulous shoe collection

Or LED lights within glass shelves illuminate your handbag collection from all angles











Want to shed some light on your own wardrobe?

We’d love to hear about it.

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