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The Secret Unwrapped at Lake Gaston

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The time has come for me to speak out!  I have been taking more heat than is fair over gift wrapping!!!!

Now, as you all know, we offer complimentary gift wrap at our store.   Normally, Mary or Autumn handles all of the wrapping (and I will admit they have raised gift-wrapping to an art form) but I too can wrap – and with good results.  Nonetheless, Mary and Autumn usually handle wrapping for a couple of reasons.  One is that I am color blind and don’t really recognize which colors go together.  The other is that I’m basically at the entry level of gift wrap – “if wrapped at all, gifts are perfectly well concealed by left-over newspaper”.  But, since we are in the business of how things look and I have that male perspective, we have all agreed that I will not be wrapping.male gift wrapping, gifts, ribbon, gift wrap, gifts, gift tag

HOWEVER…recent events have caused me to review the acceptability of the continual reminder of my short-comings!   Not too long ago Mary and Autumn were both away at market so…yup you guessed it…I wrapped…successfully!  Now, and this is the part that has me fried…the customer, very pleased with the wrap-job…called Mary to let her know that I do indeed wrap.  As any guy will readily understand – I have carefully guarded the secret of my wrapping skills for many years.  Now, this customer has “un-wrapped” my secret and told Mary what a great job I did.  (As you can tell, this is a secret I can guard…no longer.)  Later on, yet another customer wanted something wrapped and, highly satisfied, offered to send my boss an e-mail extolling my accomplishment :).

Just what am I to do?!?  There is no winning formula here!  If I unveil and let my skills shine – not only will I be required to wrap way more often, I’ll risk showing up the two artists!!!!  (I think a nice long motorcycle ride will help me clear my head!)

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