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And the Winners are…

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We are pleased to announce we have two winners of our “We showed you ours, now show us yours…Pumpkin that is” decorating contest.

Sue Williams and Ivon Hauenstein tied for first place.

We are so pleased they submitted their entries.

Each will receive a $50 MSLL gift card.

Let me tell you their stories…

Sue has been a faithful supporter of Mary Sherwood Lake Living for many years. She always greets us with a big hello and hug!  We first met through her Pampered Chef parties some 20 years ago and  I am still using many items in my kitchen thanks to Sue.  Over the years Sue has volunteered her time in support of many local causes.  She also is a person with incredible creative energy. She has worked in many different arts and crafts mediums.  She submitted her entry very early on after we announce the challenge.  We were so pleased to have her as our first contestant.

pumpkin, decorating, contest, creative

Sue's Boo Ya'll Pumpkin

Ivon ‘s story is entirely different.  We had not met Ivon prior to this endeavor. He was told of the Pumpkin Decorating contest by his neighbor, Paula Wood.  Ivon was very interested in submitting an entry but wanted to wait until close to the deadline so his pumpkin would be “freshly” carved.  As the deadline approached his energy diminished but his desire to enter did not.  Encouraged by his friend, he and Paula decided to give it a go.  The day of the deadline, Paula called in his intention to enter.  She was helping him with the carving but didn’t know if they could bring it to MSLL by the end of the day.  I told her not to worry and submit it as soon as possible so we could publish the winner.

pumpkin, pumpkin carving, Halloween, creative, tools, scary,

Ivon and Paula with their spooky pumpkin!

The next morning, escorted by Paula, Ivon presented his pumpkin entry.  It was a pleasure to have him want to participate and become so excited by the challenge.  Paula says:  “This pumpkin carving contest has really  been a boost for him.”  Thank you, Paula for making it happen.

Each day I am truly amazed at how important it is to be “connected”.  Connections make it possible to be a positive difference in someone’s day.  That’s what Sue and Ivon did for me.


Let’s stay connected!

Best regards,


Working together to create your lifestyle here at Lake Gaston and beyond!

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We Showed You Ours…

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We showed you ours…Pumpkin Event!

What a great event at Mary Sherwood Lake Living!  Here are some of the creative ideas we showed for pumpkin decorating.  The ideas ranged in difficulty from Autumn’s intricately carved spider web pumpkin to my very quick and easy wired pumpkin.  Since time seems to be at a premium we tried to show several quick and easy ways to decorate a pumpkin without carving (consequently keeping it fresher longer).

pumpkin decorating, Halloween, skull, flameless candle, spooky

Fabulous pumpkins and more

Carved gourd, chicken with mustard dip, fall colors, fall foods, easy appetizers

Colorful fall appetizers Our guests pondering over the pumpkin ideas!

Our guests pondering over the pumpkin ideas!

pumpkin, pumpkin decorating, vegetables, garden pumpkin

"Mixed Salad Satan"

Carved pumpkin, halloween, the fly, help me, pumpkin decorating

"Help Me" says the fly

pumpkin decorating, painted pumpkin, silver, metallica


White pumpkins, pumpkin decorating, painted pumpkins, pearls, wires

Left to right: "Caught Up in the Web", "Pearl Jam" and "All Wired Up and Nowhere to Connect"

So we showed you our stuff…pumpkin decorating ideas.  Now you have a chance to show us your’s!  Enter our 1st Pumpkin Decorating Contest between now and October 23. Decorate your pumpkin, give it a funny name and bring it by the store to be photographed or submit a photo online.  Online entries must include a small sign in the photo, “MSLL Pumpkin Decorating Contest 2010” to verify authenticity.  NO, you can’t just pull a picture from the internet and claim it as yours!  Bring on the pictures!  Our loyal MSLL fans will vote on their favorite pumpkin design.

At the end of the entry period, we will send out the voting information.  Voting will be blind, so no names or personal information will be shared.

The ballot will contain pictures numbered in the order they were received.

The award categories are as follows:

1st Prize as voted by our customers

will win a $50 MSLL Gift Card

The winners of following categories

will each win a $20 MSLL Gift Card

*Most Creative Use of Materials*



So the challenge has been launched!  Show us your creative stuff!!!

Looking forward to your entries!


Mary Sherwood Lake Living

Working with you to create your lifestyle at Lake Gaston and beyond!”

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