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grapes, wine, terrior, locally grown, relationships, Rosemont Winery of VAToday’s thoughts are all about wine.  Recently, we did a food/wine pairing at David’s – a local eatery in Roanoke Rapids.  Almost 50 of you kind souls turned out.  We had a wonderful time.  Of course – the excellent wine from Rosemont Winery in LaCrosse paired with the superb product of David’s kitchen did nothing to hurt the evening.

In this economy many are looking for value-priced wines.  But the wines Justin and his dad, Stephen Rose, are producing are quite elegant and are worth your time. They’re Bordeaux varietals which have been hardened by being grafted to some California systems then returned to the East coast.

You might not know a lot about producing wine.  I certainly did not.  The industry speaks of the terroir of the grape.  There is an article just published by the Wall Street Journal discussing the meaning of this French word in the context of its discussion of Chablis.  It means the environment in which the vine is growing.  The nutrients in the soil are directly responsible for some of the flavors the grapes develop.  There is a whole science around the notion that the flavor of the wine can be adjusted by changing the terroir.  Consequently, especially in Europe, nose, palate and finish of wines change neighborhood-by-neighborhood.  Some vintners grow grapes in the valley and also 1000 meters up the mountain.  The differing terroir as well as the changes in available sunlight change the flavor and intensity of the grape!

But the part I like best about wine is the friendships it engenders. I had met many of the guests at the tasting at Mary Sherwood Lake Living.  Now we are closer because we joined in the fun at David’s.

As a sidebar – my blog started as a discussion of what it’s like to work for my wife.  At the tasting she was at my side – lending 100% support.  There just can’t be anything better!  Mary and I frequently comment to each other about how lucky we are.  What a privilege – living and working at Lake Gaston to say nothing of working together every day!

So, does anyone out there have any experience they’d like to share regarding terroir?  Maybe you’ve travelled in Europe and can relate a particular distinction you found between two similar bottles.  Or maybe you’ve found a magic formula in working with your life partner – here at Lake Gaston – or elsewhere.

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