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My Summer Travelogue

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I have been a lot of places since April.  There were so many trips I had to stop to figure out just where I had been.  Most of the travel was business related with several market trips (High Point and Atlanta), the Kitchen and Bath Industry show (Chicago) and the Fancy Food show (Washington DC) and a new construction consultation in Baltimore.  My NYC trip was the one “for pleasure only” trip. It was a much needed nice, long weekend.

The reason for the NY trip was to connect with our sons in the city.  Our oldest son, Aaron and his wife, Kiori, for the past nine months, have been working on a stage production of light, sound and movement as artists in residence at Tribeca Center for the Performing Arts.  We were pleased to be able to experience the fruits of their labor on opening night.  WOW… what a collaboration of a very talented contemporary dancer (Kiori) and a truly gifted musician/engineer (Aaron).  The choreography, sounds and lighting were amazing.  Our West coast son, Jake and wife, Elif certainly didn’t want to miss this. We were grateful to all be together for this special night.

There is another side to this wonderful family get together.   I had selected our hotel months in advance for its proximity to the theater.  I knew the hotel was close to the Wall Street district but I did not realize it was right across the street from the World Trade Center project.  I opened the draperies in our room on the 12th floor and was so moved by what I saw.  I had very mixed emotions.  As first it brought back all the horror and sorrow of 9/11.  In another way it made me realize how strong the American people are to re-build in spite of the immense tragedy.  There was not much time spent in our hotel room but each time I was drawn to the window and pondered all of these thoughts. I will always remember that day in September and the day I saw the re-birth in progress.

World Trade Center Project

Construction of WTCP

WTC,NYC,WTC memorieal

WTC Memorial

WTC, WTC Memorial, NYC, Hudson River

Looking pass the WTC Project to the Hudson River

Here is a link if you would like to learn more about the World Trade Center Project:


Thank you for my family.  Thank you for all those who have sacrificed their loved ones so we can be free.


My Family: (left to right) Elif, Jake, Paul, Mary, Aaron, and Kiori

Please share your thoughts and feelings.



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Just returned from the NYC wedding of my son, Aaron and Kiori.  It was such a beautiful day, beautiful setting and very beautiful wedding!  I have a lot to share about the wedding but Autumn wants a quick article to attach to our newsletter so here is the scoop about the “infamous” wedding cheesecake.

The most popular desserts in the Sherwood household are brownies and strawberry cheesecake.  Many years ago, when traveling from Lake Gaston to NYC to meet our other son’s (Jake) in-laws, I carried a frozen cheesecake by Amtrak train only to have it totally thawed and strawberry sauce dipping all over as I presented it to our host.  It’s hard to make a good first impression when your perfect cheesecake is soooo less than perfect!  When Aaron and Kiori requested a cheesecake wedding cake I began to research how to construct this cake, store until needed, transport from NC to NYC and assemble in Central Park.  It was quit a challenge.  I won’t bore you with all the details but I would like to share these pictures.


Cheesecake crust, graham cracker crust, spring form pan, cheesecake

Graham cracker crust made for the all the layers at one time in spring form pans


Cheesecake batter, cream cheese, electric mixer, Red KitchenAid Mixer

Cheesecake batter blended until very creamy


Cheesecake without cracks, baking, cake, wedding cheesecake

Baked cheesecakes on cooling rack. cracks!!!

wedding wedding signs, cooler, wedding supplies

Blue rolling cooler packed with cheesecakes and dry ice waiting with other supplies to enter Central Park


cheesecake wedding cake assembly, cheesecake, spring form pans,

Removing spring form pans and assembling the frozen cheesecake layers

layered cheesecake, wedding cake, strawberries

Layered cheesecake starting to be embellished.


Cheesecake, wedding cake, strawberry sauce, strawberry sauce drizzle, pink hydrangea

Strawberries with drizzles of strawberry sauce and a perfect pink hydrangea flower on top

cheesecake, strawberry sauce, baby breath, hydrangea

The finished wedding cake complete with baby's breath!


Wedding cake, cake cutting

Aaron and his Japanese bride, Kiori cutting the wedding cake

wedding cake, first bite

First Bite!!!

The "after" with only the "less than perfect" bottom layer left over. Whew!

This was quite a challenge but mission accomplished!

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Mary Sherwood Lake Living,

Please tell me your best and worst cheesecake adventures!

Mary Sherwood Lake Living…working with you to create your lifestyle at Lake Gaston and beyond!


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