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Pre-gaming and Tailgating

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It’s that time of year to “Get Your Game On” as you support your favorite team. Tailgating parties can range from a simple cold picnic to an elaborate all day cooking and eating affair. The average number of tailgating events attended by a committed fan is 3 to 4 per season.  The average number of people at a tailgating party is 12 -14.  My brother and his wife live in Blacksburg and are avid Hokie fans.  They set up their tailgate party to welcome back their out of town friends for game day. Here are some tips for successful tailgating.

Pre-gaming prep for your “big” event should include practical and safety measures.

  1. Things to pack: disposable napkins, plates, sturdy cups, utensils and toothpicks.
  2. Bring a plastic tablecloth, clean flat sheet or blanket to lay out your wares.
  3. Have a plan to keep hot food hot or cold food cold.
  4. Consider a variety of finger foods in manageable proportions.
  5. Prepare food ahead of time, pack and be ready to roll.
  6. If you are grilling at your party remember to be safe with charcoal fires.  Bring a small fire extinguisher, just in case.
  7. When covering dishes for transport try these silicone lids that produce a tight seal and eliminate the use of plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
Charles Vianicin, silicone lids, tailgating, party, food

Silicone lids for all your tailgating party dishes!

Even though football games are a Fall sport, many times the Indian summer heat is still around.  There are several new products to help keep the food chilled and safe in transport and during serving.

Brand new to the market place is the Packit freezable chiller bag.  Bye bye to ice packs that only last a few hours.  The bag is the ice pack and stays cold about 10 hours.  Freeze the folded collapsible bag overnight to be ready to go the next day.

Packit, thermal bag, food chiller

Packit chiller bags keep food cold without the need for ice. Pre-chill, pre-game and be safe!

There are many chill and go serving items.  Here are two which use ice in a reservoir under the food to keep food cold.  Arrange your shrimp tray or place your dip in the container, cover and transport in a cooler.  Add ice to chiller, uncover and serve.  How easy!

tailgating, party, chiller dishes, iced dip dish,

This divided dish can double as an ice reservoir for keeping seafood and perishables cold through the pre-game party. Small dip server also uses ice to keep creamy dips chilled.

Wraps are a trendy way to prepare sandwiches.  Here is an easy cold cut sandwich using a mustard sauce as the condiment for safe tailgating.  For the recipe visit Chef Yvonne’s blog:

Wrap sandwich, parchment paper, tailgating made easy, wrap recipe

Quick and easy wrap sandwiches make prep easy.

Last but not least…always wear your team colors!  If you need help remembering how to be a Hokie, Wolfpack or Tarheel bring these plaques to help everyone in your party recite the rules together.

Collegiate, Va Tech, NC State, UNC, rules, school colors, wall art

Collegiate, Va Tech, NC State, UNC, rules, school colors, wall art

CHEER for your team:

Yell for the (name of your team)
We can’t be beat
So watch out (your opponent)
We’ll knock you off your feet!

What is your special tradition for your team’s game day?  Special t-shirt, special recipe, special team emblem or whatever…

Have a great tailgating day whether watching from your easy chair at Lake Gaston or your favorite stadium lot!


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Company C Launch Party!

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Mary Sherwood Lake Living is excited about our upcoming Company C Furniture Launch Party on Saturday, September 29th from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Started in a garage by Chris and Walter Chapin in 1994, Company C is now a premier design studio and leading producer of exceptional home furnishings.  Company C has established itself as a top manufacturer of distinctive rugs, bedding, furniture, decorative accessories and fabrics.

Company C, sofa, launch, party, furniture

Company C products are well-recognized by their bold color palettes and lyrical patterns and we are pleased to introduce their great new furniture line that coordinates with the colorful Company C rugs.  The line includes custom headboards, bedding, chairs, sofas, and ottomans.

Company C, bedding, headboard, comforter

The launch party will include a visit from our area Company C sales representative, a raffle for a Company C 2’6″ x 8″ runner, and light refreshments.  In addition, we are offering a 15% discount on products from the furniture line through Oct 6.

Please come join the fun and experience the bright, colorful, and unique style of furnishings that Company C and Mary Sherwood Lake Living have to offer!


Mary Sherwood Lake Living working with you to create your lifestyle!

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