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Celebrate Easter with Style…

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happy easter, easter, egg

At Mary Sherwood Lake Living, we believe that design is not merely your surroundings, but also your lifestyle!

In honor of Easter, we’d like to present a medley of tips….

Gingerbread houses are usually thought of as a painstaking process…stir up the gingerbread batter, roll it out, cut out the shapes, bake the individual parts, erect the house, and finally, the fun part, decorate.  The ingenious moms at The Candy Cottage have done the hard part for us and created a ready-to-decorate gingerbread house.  They simply need some candy and icing along with your imagination.  They can be decorated to celebrate any occasion, but we’re highlighting the Easter house.

easter, house, gingerbread, cottage

easter, house, gingerbread, decorationThe houses come individually packaged with snap together pieces that easily fit together to form the house.  Once constructed, simply adorn the house with icing and Easter candy such as jelly beans, pastel Reese’s Pieces, tiny marshmallows, and pastel M&Ms.

candy cottage, easter, gingerbread

Another great tip is converting your everyday deviled eggs into “devilish” easter egg chicks.  Simply hard boil and cut your eggs in half crosswise.  Cut a thin sliver off the bottom half of the egg to help it stand upright.  Scoop the filling below into the bottom half of the egg, place the top on, and adorn with black peppercorns for eyes, and a triangle of carrot for the beak.  Voila!

Devilish Easter Egg Filling:

  • 12 Egg Yolks
  • 1/3 c. Wasabi Cucumber Dill Sauce (available at MSLL)
  • 2 tsp. dijon mustard
  • Salt and Pepper
deviled egg, chick, devilish, easter

Pic courtesy of Make Life Special

Lastly, why not make your easter drinks look adorable as well?  Simply push a straw lengthwise through a bunny Peep and serve with your favorite springtime beverage.  Too cute!

bunny peep, easter, drink, beverage, straw, peep

Pic courtesy of theautocrathaley


So however you decide to celebrate this Easter holiday, do it with style…


Mary Sherwood Lake Living – working with you to create your lifestyle!


MSLL Trend Spot 2013

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We are always on the hunt for new directions in home interiors.  So what are the newest trends for the home in 2013?

Our staff shops the major markets and reads various design blogs and home magazines to find the new looks to bring to our showroom and into your homes at Lake Gaston.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the top emerging trends we have spotted for 2013:

COLOR – Intense colors are still very prevalent, but will give way to softer pastel shades later in 2013.  We are not afraid to incorporate bright colors in interiors based on the style and preference of our clients.  Color is the spice of life for a room, so feel free to use it.  Brights add sparkle and energy to a space.  Softer pastels pair well with the current grey neutrals.

Although Pantone has announced the Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald Green, the major player at recent markets has been Cobalt Blue.  An example is Benjamin Moore’s 2066-20 Evening Blue which is a clear blue without hints of green.

Evening Blue

PATTERN – Geometrics and chevrons are a big emerging look in table linens, pillows, bedding, accents, and wallcovering.  Think about these new geometrics as updated stripes.  Use these patterns as accents to create a fresh look.

chevron, pillows, pattern

GLITZ AND GLAM – Brushed nickel and steel metal finishes are giving way to the increased use of yellow metals- hammered, polished, or antiqued.  We are still testing the waters with these new finishes and are mixing a lot of multicolored metals in a space.  Mirrors, picture frames, lamp finials, and small decorative accessories are a great way to introduce the golden finishes.

glitz, glam, metal

WOOD – Wood finishes have been getting lighter the past few years.  This year, we will see more pale woods, washed finishes, and reclaimed woods.  Kitchen cabinetry will be lighter.  Light paint finishes washed in grey and blond finishes will dominate.  To incorporate a little of this trend consider an accent table of reclaimed wood or a bamboo accessory.

washed, wood, reclaimed

How will you use some or all of these new trends?  I believe the home interiors industry is ever-changing to give the consumer more options for a new look.  We need to use discretion in following trends which seem to move faster each year.  Start by sampling small elements of a “trendy” design concept to help mix up your space.  Jump on board with more of the new look if you are really in love with it and want to live with it for several years.  Your home and your space should reflect you regardless of the trends!


Mary Sherwood Lake Living working with you to create your lifestyle!

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