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Being Thankful!

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Having a heart full of gratitude leads to great things.

Wishing you and your family Thanksgiving love and joy.

Love to all!

Mary and Paul


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Where do I sit at Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving is a biggest family and friend event of the year.   This year we are very lucky to have our friends, Andy and Lori, open up their home and table for us, including my sister and her beau.  Have you every gotten to the dinner table and said “Where do I sit”?  Here are a few easy suggestions so everyone knows their seat.

In doing research on Pinterest I found a great site that provided several “printable” Thanksgiving place card/napkin ring ideas, Every Day Dishes by Cheryl Najafi.  Here are two helpful links:  Leaves and Turkey.

Printable by

Printables by

You can do as little as just print and cut out the patterns or you can be a little more creative with a few crafts supplies.

Craft supplies to make the wire napkin rings.

Craft supplies to make the wire napkin rings.

The printables are a great way to start.  Here I used the cut out leaves with craft wire and raffia to make napkin rings.

Wire napkin ring with leaf place card. The leaf can easily be removed and replaced for another season or holiday.

Wire napkin ring with leaf place card. The leaf can easily be removed and replaced for another season or holiday.

The turkey template is by far the easiest.   They do need to be cut out.  I liked using an exacto (craft) knife rather than scissors.  They make great place card napkin rings.

Turkey/guest name napkin rings.

Turkey/guest name napkin rings.

You can also use the turkey rings as stand up labels for the buffet dishes.  The turkey ring will stand on its own.  But for more stability place a mini pumpkin or small piece of fruit in the ring.  ( I don’t think mini pumpkins exist in Tucson.  I have looked!  I know my NC friends have plenty!)

Three easy napkin/place card/food tags made from printables.

Three easy napkin/place card/food labels made from printables.

It really takes more time to find the ideas and collect the needed supplies than it takes to put these together.  I did not have card stock available for printing so I substituted photo paper.  Photo paper is usually slick and hard to write on so I used a label maker to make the name tags.  A fine point Sharpie pen will work but be careful not to smudge the ink until it dries.

I’m liking both the turkey and the leaf designs.  Still deciding what I will contribute to the Thanksgiving table.  Which one would you want at your table so no one has to ask “Where do I sit?”.

Enjoy your turkey day prep and anticipation.


Working with you to create your life style!


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Be Thankful Food Drive

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As we are preparing for a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and friends we should take a minute to remember that not everyone will be able to have a bountiful feast.  Our “Be Thankful” FOOD DRIVE is one way we can help.  We have selected the Bethlehem Food Pantry of the First United Methodist Church of Roanoke Rapids as our benefactor.  We will be collecting food items through Dec 21.  We challenge you to help us reach our goal of at least 25 bags of the twelve food items listed below.

Here are a few facts about this ministry and the items they particularly need.

The Bethlehem Food Pantry

food drive, thankful, holiday,

Did you know that from April 7, 2009 to December 22, 2010:

We have helped a total of 805 families in the Roanoke valley?

These families consist of 2024 individuals, including 647 children under the age of 18?

These families also include 239 seniors over the age of 62. In 2009 we served 240 families averaging 58 per month.

In 2010, we gave 2403 bags of food to 719 hungry families in great need, averaging 200 per month.

This past year, The Panty has distributed $27,109 worth of canned/dry food, plus hundreds of donated items to our clients
The present cost per family is approximately $11.  Each family receives 1 bag of food consisting of:

1 box of cereal

1 can of spaghetti sauce

1 box of spaghetti

3 cans of vegetables

1 can baked beans

1 box of saltine crackers

1 can of fruit

1 jar of peanut butter

1 box of Mac & cheese

1 6-pack Ramen Noodles

Other non-perishable will also be accepted.

Thank you for your contributions!

Wishing you a very joyous holiday!

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