These Condos are for the Birds!

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Paul and I decided to take a ride one Sunday to explore a new winery in south-central Virginia.  For those of you who know my husband, stopping anywhere except the winery was probably not going to happen!  On our way we passed an antique place with a row of about 50 birdhouses adjacent to the rural road. Of course I remarked immediately and couldn’t believe, out in the middle of nowhere, there was such a find.  Proceeding on to our destination, after a few missed turns, we arrived at Moliver Winery.  The owner, Marshall Moliver, greeted us and gave us a wonderful tour of his facility and a fabulous wine tasting.  Trust me; I am beginning to see the benefits of Paul’s new wine venture!

We spent far longer at the winery than anticipated.  Leaving late in the afternoon I didn’t even think about stopping to look at the birdhouses.  To my surprise Paul turned into the driveway to check out the birdhouse place.  I was immediately on the hunt!

Not only did this antique and salvage yard have birdhouses but old vintage signs, games, bottles, and folk art furniture packed into four buildings and displayed throughout the grounds.  The vast array of “stuff” was interspersed amongst the chicken/rooster coops.  What an experience just to wander through this place.

The birdhouses were fascinating.  All, one of a kind, hand built by the owner and his brothers from salvaged house and furniture parts. Many birds have been known to nest in the houses on the grounds.  Noah’s Ark is one of the most popular styles.

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Talk about fabulous bird condos!  The birdhouse, if used outside, will continue to weather.  If used indoors, they should be positioned out of the reach of children because of parts with old paint.  Either way they will make quite a statement!  I have a small birdhouse village in my garden.  I have visions of expanding my birdhouse community!  Come see the vast array of these birdhouses in our showroom.  It will be hard to decide which house to add to your garden.

What do you think?  Do your birds need a summer vacation rental???  Looking forward to your comments!

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  1. Mary says:

    Hi Susan:
    Thanks for your comment! Hope you can make it by sometime this summer. Maybe we will cross paths in High Point.

  2. Mary & Paul, congratulations on the new blog! I look forward to checking in for more photos and updates! Susan

  3. Mary says:

    Hi Nancy:
    No, Paul is not quite that handy.
    Thanks for your comment!

  4. Nancy Seevers says:

    I thought you were going to say, Paul built them. I love them, they are so unique Nancy

  5. Mary says:

    Thanks, Martha for the comments. I really love these “condos” , also.
    See you for Cooking w Tony. He is so excited.

  6. Mary says:

    Will gladly drive or maybe hire a “driver”. Lake Gaston is beautiful and only 25 miles west of I 95. If you ever are driving down 95 let me know. I’d love a visit.

  7. Mary says:

    Hi Joyce:
    The place is near Halifax, VA. Paul will have to help with the exact location.
    Come see which ones we brought back to the shop.

  8. Joyce Walker says:

    Where are the winery and the birdhouses?

  9. Melissa Galt says:

    These are awesome, I want to come for a visit so you can take me by the place, You drive so we can test more wine on the way :). I love birdhhouses and am responsible for at least a dozen or more in the collection at the 4 1/2 Street Inn owned by friends here in Highlands.

    Great post, thanks for sharing! Melissa

  10. martha sanderford says:

    i love the bird houses. i’ ve noticed a lot of people “collecting”them. i’ve also noticed a lot of vendors selling them. “birds & bloom” has a section on “handmade” bird houses.
    keep up the good work.

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