Top 10 Questions to ask Yourself BEFORE starting a Kitchen Design


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Planning a kitchen project?

How do you determine your kitchen style?  There are so many things to consider.  Even after designing kitchens for over twenty years I still have to remind myself to ask my clients some of these questions.  There is so much that influences the planning.  These questions are some that may be overlooked.  In future posts I will address the answers to some of these questions in more detail.  If you are contemplating a kitchen project, start answering these questions.  If you have other suggestions for things not to overlook, please comment.

  1. What is your is your cooking style? Do you cook for two or for twenty?  The space plan of the kitchen will depend greatly on your cooking volume.
  2. Are you a neat or messy cook? Do you put things away as you go or when you are finished?  The type of storage and countertop space is influence by these answers.
  3. How many cooks and helpers are involved with food prep?  The more people in the space dictate the layout of work and clean-up spaces.
  4. What is the age range of the individuals using the kitchen?  Is accessibility a concern?  Will you age in the house and use this kitchen as you get older?  Answering these questions helps to determine the height of countertop, the need for open space for wheelchair accessibility and seating space needed for food prep.
  5. Are you an intricate cook using a recipe with many ingredients or are you a simple cook using fewer products?  The location of your spices and other frequently used items is determined by this answer.
  6. Do you like to bake bread or pastries?  Do you prefer to cook sauces, soups and chili?  The types of foods you most often prepare require different work surfaces, different cooking utensils and different storage components.
  7. How do you entertain? Do you have very simple potluck dinners or formal dinner parties?  Work areas, storage space and the style of the kitchen are affected by this information.
  8. How do you shop? Do you shop daily for the freshest produce and meat?  Do you shop weekly or monthly?  Do you buy in volume from warehouse stores?   The volume of products purchased determines you storage needs.
  9. How do you store food? Do you buy local and preserve fresh products?  Do you buy local meat and need large freezer capacity?  Do you only need storage for two people or a large family?  Your storage style greatly affects the type and size of your refrigerated appliances.
  10. Do you prefer a certain type of cooking surface? Is energy efficiency important?  Is gas or electric a preference?  Is safety for elders, children or other with special needs important?  The answers to these questions determine the type of cooking surface most appropriate for your kitchen.

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