Will You Accept the Crossing Challenge???


On Sunday I invited a few girlfriends to share our pier, the party float, food and spirits.  It was such a great afternoon, enjoying all of the above, especially the friendship.

As most of you know Paul and I are very involved in the not-for-profit organization, O’Sail.  This Saturday is O’Sail’s sixth annual event, The Crossing.  You can swim, float, or paddle across the lake OR for the first time you can walk the one mile bridge across the lake.  There is a $25 registration fee ($30 the day of event) payable to O’Sail.  You will receive a limited edition Crossing 2010 t-shirt.

While floating with the girls we decided it would be fun to walk across the bridge. No physical training for months to swim across.  No silly rafts to float on.   No canoe or kayak to manage.  All you need is good walking shoes and sunscreen.  You won’t even have to get your hair wet (except for a little sweat, maybe).  Sounds like something we could easily do…right!

So let’s all do it together!  I challenge you to join us this Sat. Aug. 14 as a member of our first ever MSLL Crossing Team.  Here is the link to O’Sail’s registration information. The event begins at 9 AM.   As a team, we will meet at Mary Sherwood Lake Living and go together to the designated parking lot.  We will leave the MSLL parking lot at 8:15 AM sharp and return as soon as we have completed the walk.

As a special incentive, the first fifteen MSLL friends to sign up to join our team will win your choice of a “Getting a Little Woozie on Lake Gaston” wine glass  koozie (no you can’t get woozie before the event ) 🙂 OR a $10 gift card to use in our store.

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Lake Gaston Woozies

The first fifteen MSLL team members to sign up can redeem their choice of prize at the store after completing the event.  To sign up as a member of our team, respond to our blog, Facebook post or our email news-zine.  The posted date and time of the response will determine the “first fifteen” winners.  Team members must also register and pay for the event at the Lake Gaston Chamber Office. All checks need to be made out to O’Sail.  If you need any help with the registration process, please let us know.

Should we wear something funny to designate our team?  This is not Project Runway! Our team uniform must be simple!  Please send your ideas ASAP!

Can’t wait to have fun walking together while we are supporting a good cause!

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The Crossing 08-14-2010


  1. Mary says:

    We had a great time. Thanks for all your hard work! You are amazing!

  2. kathy Dikeman says:

    Mary I can’t thank you enough for putting together your team for the Crossing. From the start point I could see the MSL woosie walkers going across the bridge. please come back next year. You all made my day. Kathy, event coordinator

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks, Peggy. So glad you are joining our team! Checks are to be made out to O’Sail. See you Saturday.

  4. Peggy says:

    Will participate! Mailing my entry form and check tomorrow.

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