Women’s English vs. Men’s English


The other day I ran across something funny entitled “Women’s English vs. Men’s English”.  Taken from  the sayingimages.com website these “definitions” resonated with me.
Guys, we’ve all been trained in the following – usually painfully…

When a woman says: Yes She really means: No
When a woman says: Maybe She really means: No
When a woman says: We need She really means: I want
When a woman says: I’m sorry She really means: You’ll be sorry
When a woman says: We need to talk She really means: You’re in trouble
When a woman says: Sure, go ahead She really means: You better not
When a woman says: Do what you want She really means: You’ll pay for this later
When a woman says: I am not upset She really means: Of course I’m upset, you moron!
When a woman says: You’re very attentive tonight She really means: Is sex all you ever think about?

What’s really entertaining and challenging about the above alternative language is knowing when it applies and when it does not.  You see, God wasn’t content with just giving us a whole other language to contend with, He also fixed it so the alternative language only applies – sometimes.  And, just to add that little special zing – there isn’t any system of use.   None of us males will ever figure out just exactly when the alternative language goes into use (hence the pain mentioned above).

Having been married for over 30 years, I am hopeful, nonetheless, that I have internalized these definitions.   You can imagine my angst when Mary became very supportive of my efforts to sell wine.

So, here I am planning a trip to visit a winery to discuss a working relationship.  For both parties there are risks and rewards.  He wants the widest distribution possible for his product.  I want a product I can successfully market, sell and place re-orders.

Last week, when I announced plans for the trip I hear, “Oh!  You are?”  (Uh oh!)  Immediately, I go to the calendar to see if there is something on my schedule I should have remembered (nothing there); look through project notes to see if I should be handling something (no).

I went to the winery today and we reached a semblance of agreement.  Our conversation eventually focused on what kind of contract we should put together.   My host said he liked doing things with a handshake as an alternative to a written contract.  And he wanted to know how I felt.

So our questions for today are:  Is this alternative suitable in today’s environment?  Do any of you have an experience you will share about gentlemens’ agreements?  Do they work?  How effective are they?  What are the failures out there?  Should I depend on this fellow’s handshake as a basis for getting in to business?

Let me hear your thoughts.  Next we’ll talk about what I should do.

Paul… signing off from beautiful Lake Gaston.

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