Zucchini Bread Gone Awry!!!


This is a red letter event!  You are not going to believe the picture.  Mary (our beloved) decided she was making zucchini bread – after she was too tired to try.

Now, do any of you know about zucchini bread?  The list of ingredients is a mile long! So Mary decides, after having dinner with good friends, to proceed with the planned baking effort.

The first thing that happens – and should have been a warning sign – she couldn’t find the recipe (she shoulda stopped there).   Then she couldn’t find the beater for the mixer.  Right there in the drawer – well, the next one up from its usual residence – but…right there!

I’m at the lap top and the next thing I hear is an expletive (not something I usually hear from her).  Upon looking up, Mary is over at the sink, bent over, resting her head on her arms.

What do I do?  Run for the camera!!!  There won’t be many more of these opportunities in my lifetime!!!!!!! Below is what I saw!

The question for you is…did Mary scrape everything back into the bowl and proceed??  (I’ll never tell – I haven’t been successfully married for over 35 years and failed to learn anything at all!)



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  1. Mary says:

    I must need more coaching!!!

  2. kathy Dikeman says:

    I thought I taught you better than this…… Kathy

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