I am an East coast transplant and always lived near the water.  How in the world did I end up in the desert of Tucson, AZ?  I blame it all on my husband, Paul.  While visiting friends he fell in love with Tucson and the rest is history. 

After several different careers back east, including nursing and interior design, I found the artistic community of this area was calling my name. In many design projects I included art glass accessories.  When I found I could actually create my own art glass it was love at first sight!  

The creation of colorful art glass is an extension of my passion for design and color!  Creating glass compositions with vibrant colors and a whimsical sense of style makes me happy!  The “best” is seeing my clients’ reactions when they see how a piece of art glass can brighten their home and make them happy!!!

Glass is an amazing medium that incorporates colors, textures, patterns and shapes. When working with this material it is exciting to see the results of the synergy of glass and light. Each piece is an original creation.

The interplay of transparency, color, and light in glass is an ever-changing process. Working with glass is a choreographed dance of art, chemistry, and science to achieve the desired result. Ever-changing, ever beautiful!

Life is too short to live without color!

Join my amazing glass adventure.