To All Special Moms!

Mother’s Day has always been a special day for me. Remembering way back we always tried to make our Mom feel special. Sometimes it was as simple as picking a dandelion bouquet! Later it became a day we would simply cherish a special time together with no need for presents.

I was so fortunate to have two very strong mothers that shaped my life.

My grandmother, Nanny, who lived to be 91, was one of my shining stars. She was widowed early and proved a single woman in the 1950’s could manage her husband’s many commercial endeavors for many years to come. She was a very important influencer of my life. Memories of her strenght laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial spirit.

In the days of the Beatles Invasion my grandmother played her own tunes!

My mother, Frances, lived to be 93. She too was widowed early and carried on the strong will power of her mother. In my teen years we seemed to “butt heads” because I too was strong willed. As I grew older I realized that she was my very best supporter and best friend. What took me so long??? Many of you may remember her from our many special events at Mary Sherwood Lake Living. It was so wonderful to have her there championing my cause! Miss you every day, Mom!

My mom at age 90!
Never too old to try something new!!!

This week just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day I was gifted with twelve baby Gambrel quails hatching on my front patio and entering into their life’s adventure. I was mesmerized by their antics and took way too many pictures.

Gambrel quails
Moma and babies shortly after birth. Don’t miss the little one nestled in its moma’s wing. Not quite sure he is ready for to face the day!

Do you want to see more of these cute baby quails? Click: The Quails Have Arrived

Now a flashback to 2011 to one of our special Mother’s Day events at my former Lake Gaston store. This annual event was always my favorite. To see so many families joining together to honor Mom made my heart sing! Here is a cute picture of a son and dad shopping for Mom’s gift and enjoying our potato bar.

Mother's day
Dad and son shopping for a special gift at
Mary Sherwood Lake Living’s Mother’s Day Brunch!

Wishing all a wonderful day whether you are a mom, grandmother, pet mom or special person in some Mom’s life now or in the past!

Love to all!


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