Wishing You a Very Peaceful Holiday Season

Later this week Paul and I are traveling to a beautiful part of our country, Cummington, MA, for the holidays. Our southern CA contingent will meet us there. With some reservations about weather, flight delays etc. of holiday travel we as a family are all willing to make the effort to be together. It is very special that this means so much to all of us! 🥰

There is not much chance of snow while we are there but the riverside setting is mystical in itself. Several years ago the river was partially frozen. What beauty!

Westfield River, Winter 2021

Our time will be spent cookie baking and decorating, creating interesting meals to meet a variety of dietary needs, jamming in the music loft and loving every minute together. There maybe some gingerbread house construction as well!

We will probably have a few outdoors excursions to a park and MA Museum of Modern Art per 6yo Jackson’s request.

Cherish your moment wherever you spend your holiday!

Safe travels and warm hugs to all!

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