The highlight in my garden is a unique piece that never gets missed by visitors to my backyard: a beautiful glass sunflower sculpture by Mary Sherwood. When the sun shines through it, it’s truly stunning!

Karen P.

Sunflower Sparking in the Sun

Bought a yard art piece by Mary.  The piece is drop-dead gorgeous-very unique and eclectic! Stunning in my yard❤️❤️

Lu G.

Colorful composition with visual texture and sparkle

I love Mary Sherwood’s glass pieces.  Whether a small Christmas ornament or an imaginative piece of ornamental glass, Mary’s pieces are always great gifts.   I love her creativity!  All of her pieces are so unique!

Brenda M.

Flowing Garden

I love Mary’s glass art.  It is colorful and unique!  It is imaginative and makes me happy to see it.

Carolyn D.

Moveable hanging pot rack

Love your new artwork.. by the way, we have yet to find a single regret for our beautiful kitchen. Love every part of it. Doug said the best thing we’ve ever done. Thank you.

Harriet O.


Marcia K.

I love both my totem and my plant stakes.  They add such beautiful color to my pots and make me happy!  

Marilu M.

The piece just brightens the room, which was sorely needed. The rug just compliments the panels beautifully, Thanks for making a room in our home so joyful. Besides the fact I love working with you.

Pat L.

After presenting Mary with my idea for a bathroom sink, something that was a new product to her, she jumped in with both feet.  Taking my vague ideas and internet pictures, she made us a beautiful sink.  She was super communicative throughout the entire process, which we truly appreciated. 

Mary sought out a variety of dichroic glass to start with, she offered suggestions and ideas to enhance to sink.  She studied YouTube videos, reached out to other artists and made a trial sink to ensure our finished product was perfect…and it is!   It’s beyond what we wanted and expected.  

The sink is an amazing piece of art and a showpiece!   Mary is a very talented and thorough artisan!  Thank you!  

Heather W.

If you’re looking for sunshine, look at Mary’s work. Ever-evolving, beautiful combinations of color and texture, each piece is unique and thoroughly her own style. Enjoy a distinctive creation by one of the finest artists in Tucson.

MaryAnne L.

Love Mary’s creative abilities. My wall art is envied by everyone who comes to my home. The yard stakes and butterflies are some of my favorite things. They make my flowers even more welcoming. Mary is the greatest!!!

Yvonne H.