How to be Entertained by a Grandson

Recently we had our 5 year-old grandson, Jackson, visit (without his parents) in our AZ home.  With daily temperatures hovering at 100+, how does a grandson take care of and entertain his grandparents?

Here is what he did:

Day 1:  He convinced Giamia that we need to bake brownies right after breakfast so we have all day to do multiple taste tests. Then it was time to play “sprinkle monster” in the backyard with the hose so G-dad stays cool all day!

Day 2:  Start the day right by helping to make a whole batch of chocolate chip waffles so Giamia won’t need to cook breakfast the rest of the week. Make it easy for the G-parents by making sure we are well stocked with frozen spicy, chicken nuggets with at least four different condiments for every meal except for chocolate-chip-waffle breakfasts.

Day 3:  Verbally brainstorming with G-dad for multiple hours about the unlimited ways he and G-Dad can rebuild the model train…so that it can run indoors and outdoors, etc., etc., etc. 

Day 4:  Keep track of the time for Giamia so that we can get to our community pool for the “kiddie” hours. On the way he reviewed the pool rules with #1 being “No peeing in the pool”. 

Off to the library to make sure Giamia doesn’t run out of stories to read to him.

Day 5:  Spa day for grandson and Giamia.  Jackson finally was still for more than 5 minutes and totally relaxed with the stylist, Jeannette, pampering him.  He must have known that Giamia treated him to a spa treatment so she could relax

Day 6:  He made sure all plans were in place for a play date with his local buddy, JJ, so he could give Giamia and G-dad a “break”. The schedule: 10 am cushion/blanket fort building, 11 am pool play, 12:30 happy meals at McD and quiet time after lunch in the fort, haha. I’m not sure who was more exhausted, the boys or the g-parents.

Day 7:  He returned home to his parents exhausted from having to entertain the G-parents for a whole week!! 

What a wonderful week being entertained by our grandson!


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