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So Much Going On…

Wow, what a busy time!  The Fall season has flown by.  After returning from our wonderful trip to Massachusetts (read more here) I jumped right back into the glass studio to try to be creative for several upcoming events.  With the jet lag of the East coast travel, it took me several days to get back in the grove.  Finally, the mind and body became engaged!  Thank goodness!!!

The Fall Sculpture Show at the Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery was great!  I made lots of new contacts with clients and artists.   Participating were several very well-known sculpture artists who create large works.  I felt like my smaller glass pieces were playing with the “big boys”!  Here are several photos of the sculptures, which wrapped around the building’s promenade.

Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery Promenade
Let the Sun Shine In by Mary Sherwood Art Glass
Parade by Paul Eisner
Commissioned Ceramic Garden Sculpture by
Russ Vogt

With the upcoming La Encantada Fine Art Festival quickly approaching the creative juices began to flow.  Between the Sculpture Event and the La Encantada show prep, I have created over 25 new pieces.  No wonder my fingers are still trying to recover from multiple knicks and small cuts!!!  Here is a sneak peek at what will be at the La Encantada Fine Art Festival.

Fly Away
Ball of Color
Craters of the Moon

By far the highlight of the past month has been celebrating Jackson’s fourth birthday!  Because of distance and COVID, we have missed his last two birthdays.  That made this one even more special!  Watching him have fun with new toys, chocolate cake and birthday parties made me reflect on how important and beautiful it is to celebrate LIFE!  Don’t postpone those celebrations, those personal connections and happy moments!  Here are a few of our happy moments!

Jackson’s Heavenly Constrution Chocolate Cake
Thomas the Train Construction 101!
Construction Party Family

Come visit us at the La Encantada Fine Art Festival On November 20-21.  Look for us in front of the Apple Store.  Also, to see more of our work, visit the Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery just across the street in the Plaza Colonial with the dome!  

Be safe as we gather for the upcoming holidays!  

All the best,



And so it begins…

Cross Country Adventure

July 8, 2020

One of my favorite memories is our honeymoon cross country adventure in September 1974. I am an East Coast girl and I wanted to see California and Paul had family there. We converted an old 1964 Dodge panel van into a “hippie style” camper and embarked on our journey. The van was nothing fancy. In its previous life, it had been gutted to haul motorcycles and painted canary yellow with black banding. I think you can get the picture but this was 1974.  We equipped it modestly with a platform bed, block ice refrig. and calico curtains.  Take a peek at our “hippie” van that sometimes became the interest of law enforcement along the way.  

(Sorry for the not so perfect images.  On the way to the wedding and a stop at the beach).

We took about 4 weeks to traverse this country.  We had no set destinations or times.  We looked for remote “off the beaten path” camping areas.  We always bypassed the big campgrounds until we found the right spot.   At that time there was no such thing as a cell phone. All was done with a road atlas and AAA camping guide. We passed by most major cities and avoided interstates if possible.  What freedom to explore this beautiful country!

Fast forward to today, July 7, 2020 we were supposed to depart on another cross country adventure to visit our sons, their wives and our grandson in Massachusetts.  Paul planned this trip meticulously.  We intended to camp across the country in a “tricked out” 2007 Honda minivan, complete with a platform bed, refrigerator and auxiliary AC (no calico curtains).  We incorporated enough creature comforts to make us comfortable between stops along the way to see family and friends.  We safely planned for minimal dining out and no motel accommodations.  We were so looking forward to seeing the USA.  Here is a matchbox replica of our van with a less than perfect paint job!  

It was going to hang from our mirror for this nostalgic trip.