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Abu Dhabi, Africa and Beyond 2023

It’s been a while since I’ve shared.  Many of you may have seen the FB pictures of our fabulous adventure to Abu Dhabi and South Africa. Two regions of the world, so different but equally as magically. This was an amazing adventure. Here are a few photos albums of our journey:

Abu Dhabi UAE

NYU-where Aaron is the head of the Interactive Media Department

Pondoro Lodge and Safari, South Africa

Lion standing guard in Kruger National Park

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town

After a very, very long airplane journey (about 32 hours) back home I fractured my foot shortly after arrival in Tucson.  There’s never a good time to incur an injury but as the saying goes “timing is everything”.  Thank goodness I did not have to maneuver through huge international airports with a bum foot. It’s been four weeks and the foot seems to be recovering nicely.  I am trying to pace myself and not to do too much too soon.  Wish me luck on that…I need all the encouragement to not move too quickly into my favorite activities, aerobics, walking, etc, etc.

With all that said, for my own sanity, I had to do something to keep busy.  Although I longed to resume work in my glass studio I could not manage moving large pieces of glass etc. during the no “weight bearing” stage.  I dug out some very old craft paints and well-loved paintbrushes and started to create.  After numerous YouTube segments and some short purchased videos I plunged right in.  It had been a very long time since I have picked a paintbrush.

As you know I love color, abstract art and floral design. Many “beginner” painting videos discussed flowers and color.  That seemed to appeal.  I struggled with strictly abstract art and couldn’t find a focus. Consequently, I’m still seeking my painting “style”. 

Here are a few of this beginner’s efforts.  All comments and responses, “the good, the bad and the ugly”  will be greatly appreciated. Your feedback about what appeals to your eye and why will help.

Art Dabblings

My next thoughts were how to combine painted pieces and glass art.  That really got me energized and I completed two acrylic/glass art pieces.  It took some figuring out how to create, display, mount and frame these pieces.  I like the outcome of this first rendition.  What do you think? 

Acrylic painting with embellished glass overlay!

I’ve rambled on long enough.  Please, please comment!

Most of my FB/Instagram posts are now going through my business platform so I can schedule the posts and try to post a little more often.  If you have not followed me there please do so in these links:

I am looking forward to hearing from you!  Please stay in touch!

Thanks, friends!

Art Glass

To All Special Moms!

Mother’s Day has always been a special day for me. Remembering way back we always tried to make our Mom feel special. Sometimes it was as simple as picking a dandelion bouquet! Later it became a day we would simply cherish a special time together with no need for presents.

I was so fortunate to have two very strong mothers that shaped my life.

My grandmother, Nanny, who lived to be 91, was one of my shining stars. She was widowed early and proved a single woman in the 1950’s could manage her husband’s many commercial endeavors for many years to come. She was a very important influencer of my life. Memories of her strenght laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial spirit.

In the days of the Beatles Invasion my grandmother played her own tunes!

My mother, Frances, lived to be 93. She too was widowed early and carried on the strong will power of her mother. In my teen years we seemed to “butt heads” because I too was strong willed. As I grew older I realized that she was my very best supporter and best friend. What took me so long??? Many of you may remember her from our many special events at Mary Sherwood Lake Living. It was so wonderful to have her there championing my cause! Miss you every day, Mom!

My mom at age 90!
Never too old to try something new!!!

This week just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day I was gifted with twelve baby Gambrel quails hatching on my front patio and entering into their life’s adventure. I was mesmerized by their antics and took way too many pictures.

Gambrel quails
Moma and babies shortly after birth. Don’t miss the little one nestled in its moma’s wing. Not quite sure he is ready for to face the day!

Do you want to see more of these cute baby quails? Click: The Quails Have Arrived

Now a flashback to 2011 to one of our special Mother’s Day events at my former Lake Gaston store. This annual event was always my favorite. To see so many families joining together to honor Mom made my heart sing! Here is a cute picture of a son and dad shopping for Mom’s gift and enjoying our potato bar.

Mother's day
Dad and son shopping for a special gift at
Mary Sherwood Lake Living’s Mother’s Day Brunch!

Wishing all a wonderful day whether you are a mom, grandmother, pet mom or special person in some Mom’s life now or in the past!

Love to all!


Art Glass

So much to tell you!

I have not been very good at keeping in touch. Here are some highlights since the last blog in November 2021.

Backing up to the end of last year…we spent Christmas together as a family for the first time in 2 years! Incredibly special!! We gathered at Aaron and Kiori’s house in Cummington, MA. Christmas PJs, Christmas cookies and Christmas snow play are just a few of the many memories made.

January passed in a blur as Paul continued to work as our community computer club president and me on my glass art projects.

I was invited to submit an article for Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine. I have never attempted to compose a magazine article that was a glass tutorial. It took many hours to design the glass pattern, write the instructions, and photograph each step. I now have a real appreciation for those who publish. Here is an exerpt of the article. It is copyrighted so I cannot share the whole article. For more information contact Glass Pattern Quarterly.

There were many adventures in February starting with a fabulous visit from my BFF, Lu Gross. We made glass together, cooked together and explored the sites. This is one of the many amazing glass and metal sculptures we saw at the Tucson Botanical Garden.

Next up was our first week-long grandparent duty in Santa Monica. Jackson (age 4) was such a delight…so many laughs, giggles and hugs! There were way too many happenings to describe all. We enjoyed every minute except the last night when we almost lost the beloved “lovey” before bedtime. All of us searched high and low just as there was a major Jackson melt-down brewing. Zoe, the lovey, was found! It could have been a long night. We survived the week! Whew!

March started off bright with a visit to the Chihuly in the Desert exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. I can never get enough of seeing Chihuly glass! What a Master!

There are lots of new glass art pieces being delivered to Jane Hamilton Fine Art gallery this week. I will be featured as one of their newest artists in the 30 Year Anniversary Show, March 18, from 4 to 7 pm. Here is a sneak peek of a few new pieces.

Coming up is some exciting news about a large-scale art project being commissioned for our community Activity Center. It has been so much fun working on the committee planning this installation. The projected installation is November 2022. Look forward to more about this as the plans progress.

I think this is enough of my ramblings for now!

Be safe as we start to engage in more travels this summer. Pray for peace in Ukraine.

Best wishes to all!


Art Glass Birthdays Celebrations

Celebrations and Connections

So Much Going On…

Wow, what a busy time!  The Fall season has flown by.  After returning from our wonderful trip to Massachusetts (read more here) I jumped right back into the glass studio to try to be creative for several upcoming events.  With the jet lag of the East coast travel, it took me several days to get back in the grove.  Finally, the mind and body became engaged!  Thank goodness!!!

The Fall Sculpture Show at the Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery was great!  I made lots of new contacts with clients and artists.   Participating were several very well-known sculpture artists who create large works.  I felt like my smaller glass pieces were playing with the “big boys”!  Here are several photos of the sculptures, which wrapped around the building’s promenade.

Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery Promenade
Let the Sun Shine In by Mary Sherwood Art Glass
Parade by Paul Eisner
Commissioned Ceramic Garden Sculpture by
Russ Vogt

With the upcoming La Encantada Fine Art Festival quickly approaching the creative juices began to flow.  Between the Sculpture Event and the La Encantada show prep, I have created over 25 new pieces.  No wonder my fingers are still trying to recover from multiple knicks and small cuts!!!  Here is a sneak peek at what will be at the La Encantada Fine Art Festival.

Fly Away
Ball of Color
Craters of the Moon

By far the highlight of the past month has been celebrating Jackson’s fourth birthday!  Because of distance and COVID, we have missed his last two birthdays.  That made this one even more special!  Watching him have fun with new toys, chocolate cake and birthday parties made me reflect on how important and beautiful it is to celebrate LIFE!  Don’t postpone those celebrations, those personal connections and happy moments!  Here are a few of our happy moments!

Jackson’s Heavenly Constrution Chocolate Cake
Thomas the Train Construction 101!
Construction Party Family

Come visit us at the La Encantada Fine Art Festival On November 20-21.  Look for us in front of the Apple Store.  Also, to see more of our work, visit the Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery just across the street in the Plaza Colonial with the dome!  

Be safe as we gather for the upcoming holidays!  

All the best,


Art Glass

Fall in Love with Fall!

I didn’t realize how much I missed the changing colors of fall until this past week! Paul and I took an unexpected trip to the Berkshires in Massechutes to do work in our son’s home. WOW! The leaves were at their peak, the air was crisp and the river was rushing! Perfect timing! How lucky we were to be surrounded by such beauty! Here are a few of my favorite pictures at his house which overlooks the Westfield River.

Our log cabin bungalow nestled in the trees! By the way, it is available as a vacation rental!!!
Our view of the rushing Westfield River.

Our trip was not all work. We took a few days to visit nearby communities. My favorite was the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls. In 1929, on a rescued old trolley bridge, the Women’s Club began transforming the bridge into this beautiful garden. It is in bloom from April to October’s first frost. Right now the dahlias are magnificent! I look forward to future visits in other seasons! For more information go to The Bridge of Flowers link.

400 feet of non-stop blooms!!!
I was happy to see so many varieties of dahlias
and so were the bees!!!

Since arriving home I have jumped right back into the glass studio! This Saturday I will be participating in a sculpture event at Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery.

I have about ten new pieces in the works but most are still in the process of being fired or waiting for stands! I’m right down to the deadline because of our unplanned get-a-way! It is exciting to have a few new additions (before firing) inspired by our New England visit.

Falling Leaves!
Fall Agave Basket
A very abstract composition of the rushing Westfield River!
Apple Picking Time!

Look for us at the Fall La Encantada Fine Arts Festival on November 20 & 21.

I would love to hear about your favorite Fall things!

Thanks for following us and your continuous support!



Mary Sherwood Art Glass

Art Glass

A New Chapter

When I sold my business and moved to Arizona in 2015 many of my friends and customers said I would not be able to be without some sort of business endeavor. Many times I heard, “You will open another store”. Little did I know that my love for glass decorative accessories would lead to a creative and challenging new career as a glass artist. After five years of continuous learning, experimenting, and creating art glass I am entering the next phase of this glass journey.

I feel quite honored to be invited to join Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery. This well-renowned gallery of talented and nationally known artists will now be the exclusive Tucson gallery exhibiting my work. Here is one of my largest garden sculptures to date that is now available at the gallery.

Let the Sun Shine

Even though we now will be focusing on larger glass art we will still work with you through our website and upcoming shows on items that are not represented at this gallery.

On a personal note, we just returned from our first visit to Jake, Elif and Jackson’s house in Santa Monica since their return from the East coast. We are so pleased to have them closer. There are so many incredible pictures of our weekend. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jackson assures G-Dad that he knows
How to Babysit a Grandpa
Striking the pose as a cool CA kid!

Wishing you all the best as we move into a beautiful, colorful Fall.

Be safe and stay healthy!



Endless Summer Sale


Lots and Lots of News!!!

Oops!!! First of all, I apologize for the very strange mailing you received last week which said, “Anything goes today”!  It was intended to be a test for two but it went to many!  Ugh!  Several of you have responded so at least we got your attention. 

It’s been way too long since I posted a blog!  So much has transpired over the past few months it’s hard not to write too much and bore you to tears. Please forgive me if I do!

Our first post-isolation public endeavor was the April La Encantada Fine Art Festival!  The weather was perfect, the attendance was great and sales exceptional! 

As we moved on after being vaccinated we were able to travel and explore the USA!  We spent a week in Yosemite National Park in April with good friends.  What an amazing place!  The crowds were small and the waterfalls were at their peak. What a majestic place! It couldn’t have been better to be outside in God’s beautiful country! 

Stealing a kiss at Yosemite Falls!

In early May I ventured out for the first time since covid on an airplane to Brooklyn, NY to see Jackson and help Jake and Elif prepare to move back to the West coast!  Yay!  What a great experience having my 3 ½-year-old grandson, Jackson, direct me to the local Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  The two of us walked daily through the streets of Brooklyn and he never got us lost. By the third day he told me: “GiaMia turn off your GPS, we don’t need it!  It was a much-needed reconnection after 18 mos of video conversations.  I am so thankful!

Pillow time with Jackson! Wish you could hear the giggles!

As the West coast family was relocating to Santa Monica we all shared time here in the desert.  Of course it happened to be the hottest week of our summer!  A few swim days and early outdoor adventures were in order.  Being together made up for any 100+ degree days!  Aaron and Kiori were missed because of their far away residence in Abu Dhabi but our every two-week zoom sessions really help to keep us all connected!

Jackson and Dad playing with Marble Madness! Truly insane play!!

Then I was off for a long weekend visit to Denver to help celebrate my sister, Patti’s birthday.  So nice to be together after several years.  Hikes, shopping, food, and Contra dancing all made for a fun weekend!

Decadent Creme Brulee’ at the 1914 House in Niwot, CO

Next up was our cross-country road trip in July to reconnect with family and friends!  As you may recall back in 1974 this is how we spent our honeymoon, on the road from coast to coast. (Honeymoon Cross Country Highlights ).  This was certainly an abbreviated version of that trip but it felt wonderful to be back out there seeing the country.  The “Corn Belt ” of the Midwest, which went on forever, created its own beauty.  It made me realize how important this part of the country is to the agricultural strength of our nation.  A big “thank you” goes out to all the hardworking farmers that make this happen! We traveled in our much-loved 2007 Honda minivan with way over 230,000 miles.  After almost 5000 travel miles and fabulous reconnecting with friends, the van purred along and got us home safely. Here is one of many of our favorite stops.

Flowers and garden art galore at the Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, NE

Before you just delete all this verbiage, take a look at many new things on our horizon. 

Look in your inbox for your early bird online shopping opportunity to participate in the “Endless Summer Tent Sale”. Great savings up to 50% off!

Endless Summer Tent Sale on at the Bubany Gallery onAugust 28.

Big news! We have been invited to show our art glass at a very popular, upscale Tucson art gallery beginning in mid-Sept. More info to come.

Our major Fall show is the La Encantada Fine Arts Festival on November 20 & 21.  The weather in this pleasant outdoor setting should be the best.  I will be focusing on several new outdoor sculptures.

As I close I have to say please be vaccinated so we can conquer this beast among us.  Please wear a mask in indoor spaces!   Be safe and remain healthy until we meet again!

Thanks for following our blog and being a very important part of our lives!

Love to all!

 Mary and Paul, my BBF and chief schleper.


Art Glass

The Storm Before the Calm of Showtime

Tomorrow is the day…SHOWTIME! What a whirlwind but we are prepared! In pre-covid times most art festivals were scheduled months in advance giving artists time to prepare and produce new work. With our ever-changing environment many shows are confirmed only months ahead. This being the case we had approximately thirty days to make this happen. It’s like watching a big hurricane brew in the Atlantic and trying to be ready! Trust me, Paul can testify to the glass hurricane arising in our studio.

Here is a quick glimpse of the development of just one piece – the Blue Sky Sunflower:

Multiply this process for 30-40 pieces with additional firings needed for slumping and draping. I think you can see why the kilns were running almost non-stop the last 30 days!

But the storm has passed!!! Even though shows are demanding the thrill of seeing smiling faces as they view the art glass is enough to get us through the storm and into a calmer space.

We can’t wait to see you at the La Encantada Fine Art Festival, Saturday and Sunday, April 10-11! Our space is #24 in the main courtyard adjacent to the Apple Store.

If you can’t be there check out Mary Sherwood Art Glass as we add the new additions in the next few days!

Thanks for your continued support! Bring on those smiles ???!


Any questions or custom inquires are always welcome.

Let’s chat, 252-308-2694


My Heart is Grateful!

A heart full of playful glass heart designs for 2021!

My whole perspective through this last year is finding the little things that keep me going. First and foremost is my wonderful husband, Paul. I could not imagine coping so well without him. For that I am grateful!

After that, there are so many other people and experiences that keep me going. I will only mention a few so as not to bore you too much. :).

Almost every morning I walk in this beautiful area of the Southwest. I never really thought I could acclimate to being away from water but I see a different beauty here. Here is a beautiful early morning sky right out my front door!

Beautiful Arizona Sky

My friends are another very important element. Although socializing has diminished, during my outdoor walks, I am blessed with great conversation with a walking buddy or early morning chats with my fabulous East coast friends. ❤️

Birthday Balloon Walk March 2020

Next up, in my heart-filled place, are my customers and friends I have developed during this art glass endeavor. I have the best supporters ever! Here is a commissioned project for two large art glass panels to be inserted in a client’s library. It was certainly a challenge but such an exciting endeavor! Making my client almost squeal with joy during the installation makes it all worth it! ❤️

Finished panels ready for installation

Mary Sherwood Art Glass has just joined Chris Bubany and Friends Art Gallery. I am so thankful for the opportunity. Thanks to my metal artist friend, Hector, the display is a real show stopper! ❤️ Stop by for a visit!

Many “virtual” hugs and kisses being sent your way!