Glass Inspired Textiles Sale

It’s hard to believe that we are rapidly approaching the holidays.  Life seems to move at supersonic speed! 

As we cruise into the busy shopping season I have a few “glass inspired” textiles that may work for someone on your shopping list.  The fabric patterns are created from photographs of fused glass pieces that were edited and modified to fit the products.  Vida, the company, who has been manufacturing these items, has merged with Threadless.  Consequently, I can no longer order these particular pieces.  All the prices have been greatly reduced and the supply is limited.  Check Facebook and Instagram for pricing and ordering information beginning Saturday, 11/18.

Here is a glimpse of the three collections that are available:

I just have to add a little personal update…  Jackson, our grandson, turned 6 this weekend.  The party celebrations lasted for three days…Cops & Robbers theme Party in the park, doughnuts for the junior police officers, a visit to Thomas and Friends Day and ice pops and storytime with his kindergarten class.  Jackson and friends were going nonstop.  Needless to say it will take days for me to recover but lots of fabulous memories. Here is a link with more pictures of the birthday weekend. Jackson’s 6th Birthday


I hope you get a chance to check out the weekend SALE of the textiles on Facebook and Instagram including scarves, tea towels, placemats and napkins and more.

I would love to connect with you soon. Leave a comment!



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