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The Storm Before the Calm of Showtime

Tomorrow is the day…SHOWTIME! What a whirlwind but we are prepared! In pre-covid times most art festivals were scheduled months in advance giving artists time to prepare and produce new work. With our ever-changing environment many shows are confirmed only months ahead. This being the case we had approximately thirty days to make this happen. It’s like watching a big hurricane brew in the Atlantic and trying to be ready! Trust me, Paul can testify to the glass hurricane arising in our studio.

Here is a quick glimpse of the development of just one piece – the Blue Sky Sunflower:

Multiply this process for 30-40 pieces with additional firings needed for slumping and draping. I think you can see why the kilns were running almost non-stop the last 30 days!

But the storm has passed!!! Even though shows are demanding the thrill of seeing smiling faces as they view the art glass is enough to get us through the storm and into a calmer space.

We can’t wait to see you at the La Encantada Fine Art Festival, Saturday and Sunday, April 10-11! Our space is #24 in the main courtyard adjacent to the Apple Store.

If you can’t be there check out Mary Sherwood Art Glass as we add the new additions in the next few days!

Thanks for your continued support! Bring on those smiles ???!


Any questions or custom inquires are always welcome.

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