Balloons and Streamers


15 × 8 × 2 in

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“Balloons and Streamers” is a riot of colors! This piece is full of various glass elements including frit, beads, and a variety of vitrigraph. The large “balloon” element in the upper right area is the inspiration for naming this piece and confetti injects the scene with energy and festivity. Mary’s technique includes pulling the “balloon” stringer from a pot that is heated to 1600 degrees. Then, she extends the “streamers” which are wavy pieces of glass that turn out different each time, making this piece impossible to recreate. Truly one of a kind! 

Some viewers say they see a warm, sandy beach. With sun-kissed shores, the artist skillfully adds granules of sand that you can almost feel beneath your feet. The iridescent seashells merge into the Caribbean blue waters, creating a sense of calm and universal connection. 

It is not just a visual feast, but a healing piece to look at. Display it vertically with the attached clear riser, or place it flat on a surface to showcase its wavy form as an interesting, raised accent. As you immerse yourself in the vivid colors and joyful warmth, allow the artwork to transport you to a new, magical place.

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Dimensions 15 × 8 × 2 in


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